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Additional copy of phone receipt.

Last week I was in an automobile accident. My phone was damaged and I want to get money back through insurance. They require that I give them the receipt for my phone. Can you send me another copy so I can do this?

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You best bet would to be to call Koodo to see what they can do 1-866-995-6636
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I think you may need to call in to koodo to get this done. If you did it at a kiosk you could try going there as well. We can't do that here, we're mostly just customers like yourself.
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HEY there Patrick ! Calling KOODO will not be helpful. they dont have access to the reciepts. If you still have the service agreement from when you bought the phone and bring it in to the store , they can look for the reciept by looking up the date and transaction number. if you dont have the service agreement and you remeber the exact date you got the phone, that will help too. 🙂