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adding new phone and plan to an existing acount (not happy)

dose koodo not offer existing customers rebates to add another phone and plan to there account ? I called today because I was thinking of getting a new s7edge for my mom and adding her to my account with a new plan . I was very disappointed to find out that koodo would not give me a discount on the phone or plan for adding a 5th phone to my account. looks like my mom could get a better deal with a different provider then what I would get buy adding her to my account. Koodo rely should give us a reason to add another phone instead of going to a new provider

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I agree, this same scenario has been posted countless times before and Koodo never does anything to encourage existing customers to do anything. 

I personally recommend Fido, they have the same exact plan offerings as Koodo and you'll even get spotify premium for free for two years! Plus: you will get to save I think 10$ for every other line you add on the same account. Something Koodo never wanted to do.
yes I was at Fido today and to be honest that is where I will probably go with the new phone and plan and then if all goes well I will bring my other 4 phones to Fido as well. no reason to stay with koodo anymore this is the reason most of my friends left bell and went to Fido
I sent koodo an email because I wanted them to have a chance to make me change my mind. they have 24h to convince me to add the new phone to my koodo account otherwise I'm going to Fido Saterday morning
Don't hold your breath. You're probably best to switch to Fido until Koodo comes out with some new promo for new customers! Then you can come back at better pricing.
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Thing about Koodo is they seem quite content with their price points being justified by reception and customer service. Given that they've been eroding away their value preposition over the years slowly but surely, you'd think that they'd throw a bone, but that's been Telus's MO since they switched to HSPA. It seems that Fido is a better value so long as you have good reception with them. I'm happy to stick with Koodo primarily for the promo plan I got. Koodo tends to still have better phone price points though.

An older mobilesyrup article mentions that Fido gives a 10% discount for each line you add, applied to that line only. I.e. they don't stack to give a larger discount for the entire account. That's still something. Fido also has separate BYOD plans that are currently 5-10 a month cheaper than tab plans.