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Account cancellation

If you had accounts with Telus Mobility and they were written off to collection agencies, can Koodo cancel your account even if you have a good payment history because of this? I'm aware of the credit limit program that I'm currently on but this is the only concern I have about my account.

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Hi Linda, sorry to hear that! I am not entirely certain about this (others will correct me I'm sure) but I think that as long as you make sure you pay all your Koodo bills on time you won't get into trouble... it might even help you get your credit back in good health 🙂
The reason why I asked is that I don't want to be without a phone as its my only phone. I switched to Koodo because it would save me a lot of money in the long run. I do intend to pay my bills on time.
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Hi Linda... I have never heard of someone that was cancelled because of a written off account with Telus... As sophia said, keep paying your bills on time, and your account will remain in good shape... Try to make arrangements with the collection agencies to keep in good shape your credit rating...