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Hi there, We are thinking about having an account with you and wondering if we can use the phone that we already have. Thanks

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Hello Roxann, http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-1-c.shtml check this link out. You need an unlocked phone first but you have to make sure it works with our network.
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Also, if you bring your own phone koodo will give you 10% off your rateplan. Your best bet is to unlock the phone than go to a koodo store put an SIM card and see it will work. 99% of times it does unless you have an age old phone.
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You can check this link too. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-1-a.shtml
Depends if your phone is unlockable and then compatible with koodo's network. Which phone do you have and what carrier is it locked too. Bringing your own phone is a great way to saving even more money in their great rates with the 10% sim only discount.