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Accidentally locked my SIN Card

I accidentally disabled my SIM card and now its asking for the PUK code.. how do i find the code and unlock my SIM card

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You'll have to call Koodo customer service.
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You'll need to call Koodo for your PUK code. 1-866-995-6636 option 6.
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If this happens call koodo option 6# technical support you may wanta buy new Sim card in meen time this may help you out to use your phone www.fongo.com this Web site work on WIFI you don't need service just WIFI working well if your android 4.4 it will work if high memory in your phone this way you can make calls until you get Sim card save 30000 minutes and money
You may need a new sim card. Your older one maybe unusable. I go back to the store where you bought your cell phone from. Good luck