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Access in remote communities

Access across Canada? Not true. None in Nunavut, NWT or Yukon. Existing companies are TERRIBLE and the Arctic region needs some reliability. Koodo should be the ones to do it.

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Koodo depend on Telus/Bell for their towers, Nikki... they don't determine where the network itself gets extended to 😞
I know they do. But they don't take advantage of the existing towers. Bell oowns Northwesttel and they're an absolute joke, taking advantage of lack of competition. The Inuit people deserve koodo quality customer service.
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Hi Nikki, We understand your concern. Right now, we cover 97% of Canadians and are part of the largest network in Canada. We're doing our best make our coverage better and faster year after year. We can't promise you that we'll get better coverage in your region in the near future, but we'll share your concern with the team. Thanks Nikki.