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Accept payment by Interac at Koodo kiosk

Sometimes, I'm at my local mall and would like to pay my bill in person, but I don't tend to keep money on my credit cards. I would like to use my debit card to pay for it. I can pay my cable/internet bill just upstairs from Koodo by debit, and it's a kiosk that's not much larger than Koodo's. I find it very hard to believe that in 2013, there is any place that doesn't take payment by debit. Bring in payment by debit card at kiosks. I don't want ot have to log into my bank account to pay my Koodo bill.

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Haha, I find that quite funny actually... I am surprised in 2013 anybody would want to pay a company on the spot 😃 I pay ALL our bills by logging in to the bank 😃 But to each their own, and your suggestion is valid I suppose 🙂
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I agree with Sophia. In this age of "stolen identities" your safest bet is to pay online or through your bank. I would never do that in person or over the phone. Koodo does have an app where you can pay your bill as well. Some companies have actually started charging if you pay their bills in person. Wind charges $2 to pay your bill.
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Assuming the Koodo system is as similar to Telus's as I think it is, the reason you can't pay by debit is basically the store has no way to credit your account those funds. Basically you give the store $50, and it goes into the store's bank account. I suppose Koodo could revamp the system to let stores credit accounts for payments this way but in order to do that they're basically trusting the stores not to credit anyones account for any reason. I'm sure Koodo would bill the store which would keep most credits legit, but something as simple as paying with debit opens up too many other problems.