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About keeping same number when swiching!

If I switch to your guys phone and keep my same number. I checked on here and it said my number can be switched. So can I just buy any phone from u guys and it should keep my same number then really?

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You got it! It's called porting. Just make sure not to cancel your current service because that way you won't be able to do it. Just got to a place that sells koodo and tell them you want to bring your number over. They will look after everything after that.
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Make sure you have your old provider's account # handy
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As metnioned it should be easy to switch to Koodo and keep your number. There is one usual complication that some old providers require 30 days notice to port out. You can't, however, provide notice if you are porting or else there will be some sort of hold on the number and it won't work. So usually you end up paying one month for no service to your old provider after Koodo does the port. Not all providers insist on the full 30 days so it may be cheaper. There's no real problem here; I just don't want you to be surprised if you are charged for an extra month from your old provider.