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Hi, I'm currently using prepaid plan. And I want to change my plan to monthly. However, I still have booster for data like more than 1GB although my prepaid plan ends this month. I do not think I can use up 1GB for only a month. Is it possible to keep my booster for data in my prepaid account even though I do not keep my prepaid plan? So then, when I come back to prepaid plan in the future, can I still use that booster?

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The only way to keep your booster is to keep your base plan active each and every month, you stop your base plan you lose your data booster so it's doable yes however it's not feasible financially. Best thing to do is use up your data on prepaid before you switch to postpaid. Also if you want to keep your number when you switch to postpaid you will need to keep your base plan active and port your number from prepaid to postpaid.
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I agree with Paul you will lose all that by switching. Some just keep it going for one more month so they can use as much as they have left. I would def suggest that unless you don't mind losing out a bit. You can keep your number that is not a problem either. Or download a bunch of apps you always wanted update like crazy everything and do everything you can on data you will be surprised on how fast 1g can get eaten up.
Thank you for answering Paul and Melissa.
I will try to use up my data!