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A Sorry Goodbye

I can say nothing butgood about your company and I always will. But when it came time for me to upgrade my phone you didn't have what I required and it forced me to move companies. I am truly sorry I had to move, but you will be Yelped at a 5. Thank you so much for your cutting edge ideas and concepts and just being you! Michelle Groulx

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Why not buy the phone, unlock it and stay with koodo?
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It is well worth it to do as Aaron said & buy a phone elsewhere and have it unlocked or buy an unlocked version of the phone you want & bring it to Koodo service. That way your not stuck into a contract that will work out to you paying much much more in the long run for the phone you want. I've looked at all the options available for getting a Galaxy Note 2 & the best was to buy the phone outright and stay with Koodo great service. If you haven't changed yet I strongly suggest you really weigh the options. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
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Sorry to see you go 😞 Out of curiosity what's the phone you're looking for and which carrier?
What type of phone did you need as you could always buy it else where and unlock for Koodo