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Why is my data use married to my minutes? Forced to take an extremely high number if minutes I'll never use just to get access to about 1/5 of the data I require a month. How's about you make a package that's 100 minutes (I'd still have at least 98 of them left at the end of a billing cycle) and includes a bigger data portion, or an a la carte data package add on so I don't end up shipping you money for the minutes I don't use and really have no need for, and then payingoverages on data because for some reason your company seems to have missed how important data has become over included minutes. Join us I the 21st century won't you, and listen to your customers who I can very clearly see from the forums want the exact same thing. Other than that, I'll be paying the unlock fee and migrating to a different carrier.

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Public Mobile is your best bet. If not, ask Fido to do the change and Koodo is sure to follow shortly after.
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I don't really see how switching carries will solve your problem since their plans are all very similar anyway... but if you do see something better, by all means, then make the jump. More power to ya.

They've started to do this with the $53 300 mins/1GB data plan but that's about it. Plans are ever increasing and it's getting annoying. I hope this bubble eventually bursts and the plans come down in the future.