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A few additional links to switch2koodo needed on the webpage

The only issue I had coming to Koodo was finding the switch2koodo link to setup the APN. If it was on the help pull-down AND high up in the "Sim Cards and non-Koodo Phones" in the FAQ then I wouldn't have had to use community (which provided the answer in seconds!) to find this commonly asked question.

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I have to agree... this was the only issue I had moving to Koodo and I did find the answer and solve it myself but it should have been easier to find enough so that I would have known ahead of time I had to reconfigure this, in fact the sales rep that gave me the SIM cards might have mentioned it 🙂 But when everything worked except for data I had a pretty good idea I just needed to adjust the APN settings and went looking and found the answer pretty quickly but then I had multiple phones to adjust (yes, my previous carrier really let me down so I moved everything) 🙂