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4G LTE in 100 Mile House, but not Williams Lake and surrounding areas?

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Why doesn't Williams Lake, BC, Canada and surrounding areas have 4G LTE, while 100 Mile House, BC, Canada does have 4G LTE, and they have less population?

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Koodo is trying to get 4G LTE coverage all over canada but it does take a while. Looking at the coverage map on koodomobile.com it looks as if there is a complete break in service by Williams Lake (a smartphone no service zone), so what I think is that there may have been an existing tower in 100 Mile House and another in Prince George so that they can get service to as many people as possible, as they work towards getting LTE service to all. Please keep in mind that this is just what I think, and from looking at the map, but I am not completely sure - I just know that Koodo is always working to improve their service across Canada
I know that LTE will be only available to communities and not highways. Aswell i do agree LTE will rollout to many more communities as time goes on. LTE is a very expensive technology that hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover a small radius. Just give it a bit of time and Im sure it will come.
There is almost full cell coverage from 100 mile house to PG the Williams Lake area alone has 6 towers but nine that have LTE