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2013 payments on one list for Tax Purposes

  • 18 March 2014
  • 3 replies

For tax purposes I want to print off all payments for the year 2013 on one list; not monthly bill payments on separate sheets; is this possible? Thank you!

3 replies

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As far as I know, this is not possible from Koodo side... I guess if you make those payment online with yout bank, you can kind of filter the transactions from your bank and then print all the Koodo payments... Another option would be, but this will be in different sheets, If you log into your Self Service account, you will have access to the last 18 bills with Koodo, they will show amount due and payments you made...
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I ran into a similar situation with my Blue Cross this year. The past few years they've just accepted my bills. This year they told me I needed to bring in my receipts the bank gave me for paying (which is impossible when you use the iPhone app to pay your bills), or contact blue cross to see if they can provide a similar statement. As far as I know, as Camilo said, I don't believe Koodo is set up to generate these kinds of documents so all you really have to go on is your bills, or receipts if you happen to have them.
Thanks for the info! I went to the self serve; did a print screen of each monthly bill payment ; cut in paint and pasted one after the other on a word doc. Hopefully that will suffice.