Will Koodo offer SG Note 3..Do they read these Posts ?

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will Koodo offer the SG Note 3

Koodo's plan price is competitive but their signal have glitches from time to time. Never work inside the Pearson Airport. They're a bit of an A when it comes to phones available. Took them forever to offer the SG S3 when the demand is almost over.

Being the same company as Telus its BS. If they don't change their offering options, eventually many may switch. Can't just rely on good plan price. When they decide to want to offer the Note 3, it may be like half a year later. Its ridiculous.

Considering they are a sister company to Telus what harm is there for them to offer the latest phone models. Either way they are making money.
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Not my intention to argue with your points jonathanh, but even if Koodo's way of doing business seems counterproductive to some people (like you do), we must admit that since they opened shop in 2008 they've done pretty well for themselves, with yearly awards and all that. They came to market to cater to budget-conscious customers, with a lineup of devices and plans that reflected that.

Smartphones have changed the landscape a couple of years ago, but I'd say they still found ways to ensure their well being transitioning from flip phones to smartphones. Like with any other carrier, there is ample room for improvement though, I'll give you that, but overall, many customers are happy with Koodo. I know I am!

Regarding the Note3, I have no clue if Koodo will offer it or not. However, I will commend them for bringing many new devices to the lineup in recent months, many more than in the past. With the S4, iPhones 5S/5C and BB10 devices, I'd say they cover a wide range of needs, from flagships all the way to the LG A341.

And there is the fact that, on the whole, Telus (the corporation) would much rather have you sign up with Telus than with Koodo since Telus' ARPU is higher (because of higher priced plans and devices). So they're not sweating too much about potential Koodo users signing up with Telus instead!

You brought some valid points jonathanh! Feel free to comment :)
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Koodo was in a transition period somewhat when thry began to offer the Galaxy S3 as t was the first high end Android device they carried which was a month or two after it released and did so only due to the overwhelming demand from customers. The Galaxy S4 they had the same time as every other carrier so that point became moot, especially since they also had each BlackBerry 10 device as soon as every other carrier and the same goes for the iPhone 5s & 5c.

They cant offer every single phone thats released and infact not a single carrier in the world has every single phone available from them. This is why koodo is just as happy to have you buy a device elsewhere if you really want it and they dont carry it, unlock any compatible device youve brought from elsewhere and use it on koodo and get a 10% discount off your plan each month for brining your own device.

Your phone also plays into reception as well. Also not one single carrier is 100% usable in large brick buildings such as the airport, grocery store, sporta arena ect so you cant fault koodo for that, especially when Koodo, Telus, Bell all use the same towers that they share. Rogers has even worse reception from my experience and wind has wayyyyy worse reception in buildings.

So your anger is all pretty much for no reason as I see it and have fully laid out above.
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With respect to the end of the second paragraph, I would strongly advise against brining your cellphone. It won't work very well afterwards. ;-)
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Lmfao, Im reviewing a Moto X right now I just got sent to me yesterday and the predictions arnt working properly yet and I rely too much on it when typing out large writings without proof reading before posting.
Sorry Timo I feel so ashamed :-( lol
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mmmm.... briny BYOD's... mmmmmmm :P
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Lol humm Pickled Phablets I wonder if it would conserve battery life? :-P Lol
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I don't think that the Note 3 is the best fit for Koodo but you definitely have a point. Yes, Koodo cannot offer every phone, but they are far behind their competition in handset selection (and it's not like they're beating that competition on price.

This is what's offered right now (based on each carrier's website). It Includes each memory variant and colour variant as a separate choice:

Fido: 27 choices for iPhones, 11 for Androids, 4 for BlackBerry, 1 feature phone

Virgin: 31 choices for iPhones, 12 for Androids, 6 for Blackberry, 1 feature phone

Koodo: 7 choices for iPhones (but all are colour options - no higher memory variants), 9 for Androids, 3 for BlackBerry, 1 Windows Phone, 1 feature phone

Koodo definitely loses on the iPhone front. They don't seem to lag far behind when it comes to Androids offered, but save for the Nexus all of them are Samsungs.

As someone who purchases his phones outright, this doesn't really affect me, but I don't think that there'll be much debate about BYOD customers being a significant minority.

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