Will I get reimbursed if I pay off my negative tab before returning the phone online

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Hello everyone!

I just got a new iPhone SE from Koodo Webstore cause my other one got damaged by water. The thing is after opening my old iPhone SE up and see all the corosion inside I decided I'd go with the iPhone 7 since it's more resistant to water and on top of it there's a sale on Koodo right now.

Basically my question is, if I pay my negative tab of my brand new iPhone SE (i just got it today by mail) so I can get the iPhone 7 before the sale take off, will I still be entirely reimbursed (aka the 130$ + the 360$ tab)?

Thank you
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Posted 11 months ago

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If you are thinking of returning it. Then contact the Web Store and initiate a return. Once they receive it and verify the is no damage/nothing missing, they will refund your up front cost and nullify your remaining tab.
Yes but the thing is that process will take up a few weeks. I am just wondering if I pay off my 360$ tab to be able to order a new phone, will I still get the 360$ reimbursed?
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You will, but the tab payoff will be refunded as a BILL CREDIT. I know, because I went through that myself. :)
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@Roar it's not that obvious. I'm sure that if the system would allow it, by sending back a phone where a tab credit had been applied, the system would put it back as a tab credit. Since the system doesn't allow it (and it's not every day that Koodo subscribers apply a tab credit towards a phone upgrade, then return the phone), they apply the amount as an account credit.

I would imagine those on grandfathered plans could not go back to their old plans after they do a plan change on an upgrade? That would be interesting to know.

What is a bill credit? I'm guessing they will simply put a 360$ positive on my tab which will reverse my new 360$ negative tab? (Aka i'll have no tab to pay off in the end since I already paid 360$)
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Oh god, yes! Thank you!
Did this work for you, Isabelle? I just ordered the Samsung Galaxy S8+ last night but now I see the phone I would actually prefer, the S8 (no plus) is on for a better sale than the S8+ was. I want to order the S8 now so I don't miss out on the sale but I must pay off my tab in order to do that. I am wondering the same thing, if I will get my money back!