why I am not receiving the data notification texts?

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In response to Amy Peverley on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php...

Is there some reason why I am not receiving the data notification texts? Looking at my bill for this month I apparently went over by 10MB. I have the option turned on in Self Serve. Any tips?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Your best bet is to contact customer service to see if there's a reason there, unfortunately we do not have access to accounts to see if there's a reason why it's not going through.
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I too am not getting any  notifications when I turn on my data when away from my home.  Then, just as soon as I return home and the Samsung A5 picks up my WIFI, then I get all sorts of notifications that I missed while being out.  I honestly thought that was the reason I added more data onto my plan.  I am selling items on a few sites and need to respond as quickly as possible.  Also, when my data it turned on, a friend tried to call me and she got the message that my phone was out of service, so for that reason I am leaving it turned off unless I look for something.....what is going on with Koodo?  If this is not fixed soon, I will be going back to my first provider.  Little more expensive, but as least I could rely on it.  Calling customer service is a joke......wait more than half an hour and if they do anything for you they charge you.
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From your description, it was strange. How come a data connection would block a phone?
Let us know if you can solve the problem at the store.
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@ Marcia, there is nothing on your account suggesting any problems. You have plenty of data in your current plan, although it seems you are not using much of it. What notifications are you expecting? Emails? I wonder if some setting on your phone is what causing some of the challenges. Folks in the store certainly can take a look. 
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I wonder if Marcia's phone is set to not receive email when not connected to Wi-Fi. While on Cellular data, she is not receiving email notifications, but does as soon as she connects to Wi-Fi.

Same applies to Facebook, Messenger, etc., if these apps are prevented from using cellular data.
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Alright......I did go to see about my phone at the kiosk, and the employee there said that there is no problems with the phone itself.  We tried a few different things, and the same thing happened again today.  Turned the data on so that I could receive notifications from some social media sites and again nothing came through until I got home where my wifi is on.  I am not too impressed with Koodo at this time, and will be searching around for a different provider.  As I have a family situation going on and need to be able to have access to all notifications.  
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Marcia if you need access to all your notifications while on data allow your apps to use cellular data in the background. If you don't know how to set it. Definitely someone can help you to do this here.