why am I paying $10.00 EXTRA every month now for data use? Is it because I went over the last 2mos they assume you will go over every month?

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I currently have a $60.00/m plan, which includes 2gigs of data & $5.00 more/m for a med tab to pay for a new Galaxy III I just got. And now, an additional $10.00 is being charged every month for data. Why would that be? Is it because I went over my limit the last 2 mos. So now they assume I will go over every month? Also, I just got this Galaxy III and burned through my data in just two weeks...why I don't know?!! Is it all the apps they put on it doing that? They update A LOT. Flipboard uses a lot and I don't want it-but it won't let me uninstall it. That ticks me off that I am not the one using my data up, it's all the updates of the apps on my new phone.... :(
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Posted 4 years ago

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If you went over your 2GB of data you will be charged $10/GB. When you look at your statement its based on the usage that you have acquired, it will tell from what day it began to what day it ended. It is not based on future estimated use.

I would suggest that you look at the $75 plan which at the moment has up to 4GB data in the plan with unlimited calling and texting that you are already enjoying in your $60/mos plan.

If you do a long press on the bottom button then choose the first icon on the bottom of the screen that looks like a pie chart you will see all the Active Applications and can stop then. I also clear all recent apps but pressing on the last icon on the bottom of the screen that looks like lines with an x. Hope this helps.
I have the same problem they keep nailing me $10 every month for going over when i dont. Some kind of money grab i think. Trying to get you to upgrade. 4 days into my new month and i get a text saying im over. Maybe its time to look at a different provider.
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Are your apps setting to update over wifi only?
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Have you actually looked at your bill, page 3? Have you done anything that was suggested in this thread to minimize your data use? Switching providers won't help if you can't or won't do maintenance on your smartphone first.
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Perhaps you should keep the data turned off when you aren't using it.

Money grab? Really??

A different provider would not fix the issue. It will only continue with that other provider.
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Would you agree that it would be more of a money grab if you DIDN'T get that text saying you're over, Judy? At least now you're getting a chance to review your usage...
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You may also want to change the settings for some of your apps so that they only update over wifi, especially the google play store. Streaming movies, YouTube, Skype, or audio streaming will all use data so If you're doing those things try to do so mostly on Wifi as well.
I have a plan that gives me 3gb a month and I am a heavy heavy user. I usually get to just about 3gb by the end of the month. If you're buying through it in that short a time, it's time to take a good look at your use.

I highly recommend you install an appointment like 3G Watchdog which (when properly configurrd) can help you manage your use.

Good luck
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There are 2 things you should do to minimize your data usage. First, disable auto-update (or choose to auto-update via WiFi only) in the Google Play store (tap on the 3 dots in top right corner and go to Settings):

Personally, I update manually as my phone can sometimes get laggy because it decides to auto-update while I'm using it.

Second, you can minimize (or disable) mobile data usage in Flipboard as well (gear icon in bottom right of app, you may have to scroll down, tap on Reduce Data Usage):

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