Why koodo is getting worst day by day?

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What happened to competitive rates? Other competitors like Fido offers really great retention rates, 10% discount on adding second line. Virgin mobile offers other member perks. And both Fido and Virgin offers better device selection. 

Koodo never try to price match any better offer from any competitors.

As a Koodo customer what value do you see in their service?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Mathieu, Mobile Master

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all that koodo ever does is match what Fido offers. But I agree, they are not as competitive as they used to be.
so as a customer is there any value in sticking with koodo? I am about to finish my tab and need to decide in short time.
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Dennis, Mobile Master

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Always go with whoever gives you the best value.  If a competitor is cheaper, I would leave Koodo for them.  It;s the only way for Koodo to learn
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Mark Kokolsky

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Customer service definitely adds some value for me, Ive been with many carriers over the years, and Koodo is by far the best Ive dealt with. Ive never had an issue with phone selection, as if there is a high end device I really want I just get it unlocked. Plus the way the tab works and how the charge drops off automatically is really nice.
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Mitchell Palmater

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But all that is independent of Koodo.
You can buy the phone outright and go anywhere.
but if your plan is cheaper than all plans available, then I would say that's a good deal.
Unlocking is $35, but of course buying it outright from manufacturer is always the best way to do it, regardless of who you are with.
Well fido often comes with a plan which after adding another line (10% off) comes cheaper than what I currently get from koodo. And I almost forgot free spotify for 2 years - another 475-480$ value on 2 lines.

Only thing is by the time I finish tab on my 2nd live, 1st line will have positive tab. which just becomes like any other digital points since I can not use it anywhere else.
Photo of Mitchell Palmater

Mitchell Palmater

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But you are then on the Rogers network which isn't as strong.
And their customer service to boot.

Again this is all down to personal preference.
Weigh the pros and cons of each and sign with whoever you feel is going to be the best provider for you.
I think rogers would claim the same.
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Mitchell Palmater

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If a rogers rep says their network is more reliable than that telus/bell network and also says we have poor customer service, you are dealing with a psychopath lol
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Tristan Gummow

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And dont forget Virgin is terrible for screwing its customers (data overages when its supposed to be locked, changing your plan without asking, sending you emails saying they will give you a free phone then trying to charge you for it). The kiosk reps are a step above dealing with a shoebox and when I was with Virgin I swear every customer rep was over in Bangladesh couldnt understand a word they said and half the time they didnt have a clue what they were talking about. The only place Ive seen worse customer service is Steam.
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Commando Bob

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I have one foot out the door right now.  I'm just waiting to see if Koodo honors their side of the deal from that Black Friday promo - where the rep on facebook told me to just switch my plan.  So far I'm not seeing any changes despite them telling me the change is already in the system.  No confirmation ID or even a ticket ID

If not, Koodo just suckered me into paying $4 extra for no reason.

I've been looking at Fido with their recent internet promotion.  Similar plan + discount on internet + Spotify + more discounts adding another line

Koodo can preach customer service but ideally, you really shouldn't use it.  Only form of supprt you need to rely on is the CCTS.
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Dennis, Mobile Master

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It takes 2-3 weeks to implement.  If you dont have it by then, please call Koodo to figure our what's what
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I've never been with Fido.  I just came back to Canada after 7 years abroad and signed up with Koodo.  I was with Telus before I left Canada.

I find Koodo to be every bit "same 'stuff', different pile" as Telus back in the day - good network, pretty questionable customer service.  Sleight-of-invoice tricks with you when you change something on your plan.  Customer service blaming you for their problems.  Stuck on hold for hours if you have an issue.  So far, I've had issues eventually grudgingly resolved by customer service.

However, I stay with them because I'm happy with my plan.  I'm happy with their network (I travel BC, sometimes to remote-ish places).  I never have issues with call quality or network availability.

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