Why is it ok that Koodo offers iPhone's to new customers but not to its current paying customer? I might paying contactless customers?

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Why does Koodo offer iPhones to new customers on tab but not current customers ? Since its no contract it makes no sense not to offer to current customers and if it doesn't change ASAP I'm walking to a provider that doesn't dangle a carrot in front of me and then replace it with a piece of shit! I urge all Koodo customers to drop Koodo if they don't learn to respect the customers already paying the bill.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hello Nathan,

You can purchase an iPhone on tab if you want to, not sur to understand your frustration..?
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You can absolutely get an iPhone on tab as a current customers. What makes you think otherwise?
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Existing customers can buy an iphone without a tab in-store (not worth it) or you can buy it on Tab M / L.

What issues are you running into?  Maybe we can help!
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The only time tab would be restricted if a customer is on a spending limit program. But, after six months of on time payments typically that restriction is lifted. 
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okay, you get a new phone from a provider, enjoy another 2 years of a contract. Its the same thing as the tab, correct me if im wrong ( i only buy unlocked phones now). I believe the tab balance re-sets itself?
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Tabs and contracts are the same.  Both can be ended at any time as long as you pay the remaining subsidy as per the wireless code of conduct.

I second your decision to buy unlocked.

In this case, the iphone could be purchased unlocked direct from Apple online
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I don't understand OP's statement. I just logged into my self-serve, selected a line and went to an iPhone on webstore (tried iPhone SE as well as iPhone 7+), and it gave me the option to buy out-right or to put on a tab Medium.

I call shannanigans on OP. As I am an Android user, it's hard for me to compare an iPhone to a carrot or the other thing OP said, but I'm sure the other carriers are no different in terms of how awesome or how subsidized your iPhone is (except the other carriers don't give activation credits).

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Already covered TitaniumTux by all the comments above, just a friendly reminder to try to avoid parroting answers and or adding answers that don't add any substance that's helpful in solving the issue. We do this to try and keep it easy for ppl to find solutions in threads they search for answers before adding another question which is the majority of visitors to this community.
It also prevents gaming the point system as well.
Thanks and keep adding those helpful answers just something we all try to let frequent contributors know to guide them along the community guidelines. Have a great one man.
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@Paul Deschamps: my apologies for the post if it's redundant. Just wanted to confirm that from experience, iPhone on a tab as an ugrade should work.

I'm cool with community guidelines. Just thought I'd go full throttle on addressing OP's post. Granted Dennis essentially stated the point first, just thought I'd give it a spin in real-time and share results since OP suggested something unusual (which could be caused by a technical glitch, promo change, etc.)

Hope that helps!

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I am exisitng koodo client for 5 years. Got two new iphones on tab no problem and i must add for good prices almost nothing. But got to keep your eyes open wait and do your homework. Loving koodo :)