why do i have to pay $2.00 to block data to receive "FREE" Unlimited messaging (text & picture)??/

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Posted 2 years ago

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Where do you see this add-on?
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I think OP means to block data but allow MMS.

Dana, all of the current plans include unlimited text and picture messaging. Picture messaging requires a data connection, but Koodo doesn't charge for this since it's included in the plan. The problem is smartphones don't know what plan you have (they're just programmed to do what you tell them to) so a lot of times unintentional data use comes from sending MMS, ever so briefly, because a lot of things update in the background. This add on allows MMS go through but not the extra data stuff to prevent charges on your bill.
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I see. So even though I have free unlimited picture messaging, I still have to be connected to wifi to use it lest risk charges from apps. Is there a feature to allow data only for mms and block all other apps?
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MMS requires mobile data in the same way that SMS requires a mobile connection. Neither protocol cares at all if you are on the fastest wifi on the planet or have a very secure land line... they have only certain routes to follow.

The problem is that when mobile data gets opened to send or receive a valuable cat picture or whatever, the dam has been opened for anything that wants to connect that way. The carriers have a way to check which port the data is going thru so they won't charge you for the SMS portion, since that uses a specific port, but the simultaneous stuff going on such as updates on other ports are another story.

Unless you've carefully configured google, etc. to only work while wifi is connected, there can be leaks which will show up on your data usage.

It might sound like a racket... paying more to get less... but that $2.00 fee ensures that the other ports are shut down while selectively leaving MMS open, or at least that you won't be charged.

Seems to me that since the technology obviously exists, and is not rocket science since it costs a hefty $2 per month, they should be able to do this for free, since it only enables service offerings to actually operate as advertised, and probably cuts down on nedless call centre arguments as well.
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I agree. With Public Mobile this $2.00 was not charged and the service was free.  
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I believe that you can set the apn settings so that it only allows mms and no other data use. This way you don't have to get the add on.
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@Elwin, Koodo's Prepaid plan works the same as you describe for Public Mobile.
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Data Block  but allow MMS. On your phone,  Got to SETTINGS - CELLULAR NETWORKS - APN - Koodo SP - APN Type - Uncheck all but MMS.  Only MMS is Checked. OK. 
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You don't need this add on. Simply set the APN type on your phone to MMS only.
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Thanks. I just made the changes to MMS.  
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That isn't guaranteed to work, but if it does, more power to you.
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Timo, With DATA only turned when I use MMS service and having APN Type set to MMS only is like having two locks on my door.

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