why are we no longer selling blackberry.

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I was wondering what happened to the blackberry being sold through koodo. The passport and Classic are a very popular phone and many people are discouraged when we tell them we as of right now are carrying them and don't know when we will be so they are being forced to buy directly full cost from blackberry. In a way we are leaving out blackberry clients out and are discouraging an upgrade because the blackberry is a device they are comfortable with and some people rather stick to what they know and not want to learn something new. We could potentially lose clientele because our blackberry users don't have anything to choose from when upgrading.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Violet, it seems like you work for koodo. Try shooting them an email :)http://koodomobile.com/en/on/contact....
I believe it is no longer present since it did not sell very well while it was in the lineup.
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How many people in what amount of time have you had ask about BlackBerry exactly Violet, I'm curious ?
Also what device have they asked about more the classic or the Passport?
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id love to replace my blackberry with another blackberry but you dont carry them
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Blackberry became a niche phone. More than half of the people I know, who were at some point hardcore bb fans, switched to android or iOS. Phone companies see what their customers are switching to. My guess koodo sees the same decline and doesnt want carry a phone that sells to less and less people.
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Stuff that doesn't move off the shelf by itself gets pulled eventually. Telus/Koodo surely have good historical stats on BB sales, and can interpret their own tea leaves.

As long as corporate and govt. wanted BB, then we could pick up the few crumbs that fell off the table.

I gather that today's consumer prefers a better camera and gadgetry to more robust security.
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You know the answer to your own question admit it. They are no longer carrying them because they are not selling and I'm sure there are a select few out there that still want bb but they are not the majority. These people need to face it bb are outdated and obsolete even when they make newer phones they still don't stack up against the more popular phones.
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But many features the bb has the androids don't, they are not practical for simple business, or basic usefulness, I got caught in the game of $ with koodo and traded for an anddroid but I am really not satisfied, just the little flashing light when I had an email was a useful thing and I didn't need to have my phone around all the time, no clearly all the gadgets in these new phones is garbage for me and I'm gonna pay again with another company to go back to a canadian company (in part) BB
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There are Android devices with different features and all high end Android devices have the flashing led indicating a message, some E en can be set to display a different color for each different type of notification such as email, voicemail, Facebook, ect.
I'm hoping the Android devices BlackBerry has coming will keep they're Launcher just run over Android as a skin so we still get the usefulness of the hub of it does make things much more efficient.
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The problem is consumer confidence in the product. Right now the new Blackberries are a very high price when customers don't have any confidence left in them. There are some people who are asking about them, but unfortunately, people asking about a Blackberry doesn't mean they would buy it.

Would you be happy paying top dollar for a car from a company that might close its doors in a month, when you could buy one of the most popular cars out for less?
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Those who want a BB always have the option of buying one (new or used) and bringing it to Koodo. Because they then get the perk of 10% off their monthly plan, the only thing lost is the tab which might not be that much of a difference.

The BB10 phones work fine on Koodo, don't require a BB plan like the old ones, and are often cheap because of the "odd man out" discount. Whether the company folds or not is a moot point because by the time that would happen a phone bought now will be worn out anyway.

I noticed Staples is selling brand new factory unlocked Z10s for $200. Pretty tough to beat a deal like that if BB is what you want.
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I would love to see them carry the BlackBerry Classic :3

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