Which is better? Nexus 5 or iphone 5c? I need an upgrade from iphone 4(not s)

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  • debating on a new phone

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Depends what you want, both are good phone for their price. Unfortunately you can't compare them since the price tag aren't the same!

Honestly, I would say iPhone since you had one already before and it's a pain in the ass to transfer everything from iPhone to Android. But this one depends on how much and what was your iPhone used for.
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Price isn't an issue or amount of work to transfer info. I went from an iphone 3 to samsung galaxy ace 1 to iphone 4 so I love iPhones but hate how slow mine is now with ios 7. I have only had this phone a yr but I am looking for something that will last longer without me upgrading again in 12 months. I don't have the internet at home ATM so I use my phone for everything!
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If price isn't an issue, I say that iphone is alot more convenient especially if you have everything backed up on your computer. But nexus 5 is a lot better value for what you pay.
But with both phones you will get a premium experience since they are both flagships.
I say iphone since you like ios. :)
Also if you want something that will last a lot longer, you might want the 5s and not the 5c IMO
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The Nexus 5 is an awesome device that is much more powerful than the iPhone5c & actually has the fastest processor and best GGPU available right now. The Nexus 5 has a much much better display with a full 1080p HD display with 445ppi as opposed to the iPhones 720p display with only 330ppi. I review alot of phone and actually IMO the Nexus 5 has the best display of any smartphone on the market today. As well as being the best looking the display the Nexus 5 has a 5" display instead of the tiny 4" display on the iPhone which is great since your doing so much with the phone right now. The sound is about the same on both devices so no advantages there.
Again as your using the phone for everything right now the Nexus 5 or Android in general is much more diverse in that you can do almost everything you can do on a computer with especially things with file manager apps which the iPhone does not have or allow. I actually got rid of my laptop a couple years ago and use my Android devices to do everything I use to on it. I also got rid of my Blue ray player and XBox 360 as my Android devices do everythingI did with them as well and after a year without all that stuff I have yet to miss them really.
I have an Android enthusiasts website & actually run the entire website from my Android devices which I couldn't do with a iPhone or iPad. i would definitely look at getting the Nexus 5 if those are your 2 choices.
Also on a side note Apple just stopped making the 5c because it wasn't selling well so that's something to take into consideration as well.

If price isn't an option I'd look at the Galaxy Note 3 if it'snot too big, the larger display is great if tthat's your only device as well as the Note series has a ton more functionality that no other mobile device has which us great when it's your lifeline to the Internetand such.
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The 5c was stopped at a factory and it's workforce dedicated to the 5s. Obviously it's not selling as well as they hoped, especially compard to the 5s. However, It's not like the 5c has been discontinued.
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If you already have purchased apps on your iPhone and have been using the iPhone for awhile, then it would be better for you to stick with what you already know and get another iPhone. Also, if you use other Apple products (MacBook, iPad, etc...), it will inter-operate better with your other devices.

Otherwise, if you haven't "invested" in the Apple ecosystem, I would recommend the Nexus as your purchase. You are paying a reasonable price for smartphone with all the bells and whistles it offers. Also, if you're using Google's services (GMail, Calendar, etc...), the Nexus integrates well with them.

I will mention that if you do decide to purchase the Nexus 5, you are better off buying it directly from Google instead of buying it from Koodo. The out-of-pocket cost is the same, but when purchasing it from Koodo, you have a $150 Tab that needs to be paid down.
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I sort of disagree with this. I was heavily invested in the Play Store and my S2x before I was handed a BB Z10 and I totally switched platforms because I liked it so much. But I have a lot more options than the average consumer so that may bias me a bit. Changing platforms is easier for me since I'm invested in so many.
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To add it may be cheaper from the PlayStore but there'sa few weeks wait to hget it from there if your wanting a phone now and not a month from now.

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