Wheres my FM Radio?

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I would like to see the FM chip in cell phones activated. Why should I and millions of radio listeners have to pay for data usage to stream my favorite station when my phone is capable of receiving the signal? The cell phone giants are, by not activating it, essentially forcing Canadians to pay for data to listen to their favorite station even in the local listening area. That makes no sense. Further, I rely on my local radio station for important news, weather and alerts. The smart phone has become a utility where all information comes together. Why not allow local radio to participate without the extra data charges?

I bought my current phone from you because of this feature and to find that you have disabled it for such reasons is just disappointing, I thought Koodo was suppose to be better than that.

I appreciate any help you can provide to change this policy of the cell phone companies and allow local radio to be received on smart phones.

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Posted 1 year ago

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I like this idea. Sadly it's not Koodo-specific, would require pressure from the CRTC on all carriers, who in turn could pressure phone manufacturers to enable FM radio in all subsidy smartphones.
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I have heard from Koodo that they dont disable the chips and (from LG specificially) that they dont diable the chips either. I guess a magically entity disables them in between getting shipped from the manufacturer to the store.
I do agree though, it would be nice to have this enabled!
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i returned a lg g4 no fm radio
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FM Radio is NOT disabled and works fine on my G6. This is the first phone I have ever owned (and I have owned A LOT) that it wasn't disabled.

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All budget and some mid-range phones (not including last year's premium phones) have FM radio. You can enable FM radio either through an app or through rooting the device, and in some cases flashing a rom on select model phones.

Today's budget phones have amazing specs. Example LG X Power and Moto G4 Play with 16 GB internal storage...I remember when flagship phones had 16 GB internal storage, and budget phones had 4-5 GB internal storage.

Most consumers don't "need" flagship phones. Until things change, we can't have it all, and that means we can't have FM Radio built into most flagship phones for now.

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Do a search of "FM radio" in the box at the top of the page beside NEW POST to get some other ideas.

FM stations are already broadcasting digital versions of their signal in many areas, so there's no real excuse:  https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/digital-radio
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I agree and i want it too.
Thanks Matt for this topic. I jut talked about it with friend another day.

To say "we cannot have it all" like other reader said i do not agree. We are in 2017 and electronics are so-so micro small that you can put anything in small box. On Iphone thread i read that you might need some big external antenn to receive signal. Hahaha
It is like saying out on market there is no small radio receivers. Lets do the goole search for small radio receivers? Also, it is like saying Hey Apple-iphone engineers you can not do it?

All it comes down lies lies lies!

Lets get fm chip working and make people happy and jamming to their beats!

Otherwise we have angry people going over their data plan
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Its a mobile device manufacturer decision ... has nothing to do with service providers like Koodo.

You are responsible for obtaining a mobile device and Koodo provides you access to their network (via SIM card) to use your mobile devices.

Radio function of the mobile device is independent of the service provider ... in fact, you don't need a service provider (or SIM) for the radio function to operate.

Talk to your device manufacturer not the service provider.
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My phone came with the radio in it and still has the device to operate the radio inside it. i have contacted LG (the manufacturer) and they assured me that this device is capable of receiving FM radio frequencies but the option has been disabled by the provider (Koodo, also who i bought the phone from) as they are allowed to do so for their own reasons.

Why would a manufacturer disable one of their main selling points? a FM radio is used for much more than music, it is the most effective thing to have in an real emergency. as it would not go down during a power outage, fire, earthquake, flood, etc. any of these situations are life threatening and have radio based announcements that customers cannot access as their could be no data/wifi available.
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I got in touch with LG as well, got told the same thing and contacted Koodo. They said that they do not disable the FM chips so who knows what to believe.
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This isn't true. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 (the Snapdragon version, which is the one we have in Canada) is FM capable. T-mobile users in the US can use FM radio no problem.

The FM functionality is not enabled, and it is difficult to justify why.
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Hi @Slav P welcome to the Koodo community forum. +1 for showing interest in the topic. If you wish to discuss, please create a new thread rather than revive an old thread. Heck, this thread started before the Galaxy S8 had launched. Also, RE: your comment, depends on the device. Sammy Galaxy's often support FM radio even if they don't ship with an FM radio app, but this isn't the case for all devices or brands.