What happens to my positive tab balance if I upgrade my plan (picking from the old offered plans) but not phones?

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I have a +$34 tab balance currently. I would like to change my current plan to a plan that is new to me, but still under the list of the older plans. Will I still be able to accumulate a positive value on my tab? I am hoping to keep building the positive value as long as possible, but I need a plan with a bit more data. I realize that if I upgrade to the newer plans I am forced to go on the new tabs and lose the ability to build a positive balance.

On a side note, WHY DID YOU CHANGE THIS KOODO!? I have read many explanations on how you claim that the plans are of the same value as before.. but you must know that you are possibly losing many dedicated subscribers with this switch. You are taking away the positive tab accumulation which was the only thing setting you guys a part from the other companies.

Anyways, thanks for an answer in advance guys! Hope my question made sense. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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You will still continue to accumulate a positive tab up to $150 .
As far as i know at least.

Also in regards to the switch of the system, this was not unique to koodo.
Rogers rewards
Fido dollars
etc etc

It was the same thing.
Previous system was a genius piece of marketing that had customers overpaying for their monthly bills to accumulate a positive tab so they can do it all again with another phone.

Now it's strictly 
A) Plan
B) phone

instead of all this weird witchcraft in between.
It was initially way better prices but has steadily been creeping back up ever since.
Anyways if you do the math there is next to no difference anyways =P
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Hi Dani,

Im actually going to correct Mitchell; If you switch to one of the new plans, you will no longer accumilate a positive tab. So your tab will stop around +$34. But you will be able to use it when you eventually do want to upgrade phones
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Why can't I use my Tab to go towards my bill like it said in my contract when I first got it? Why won't anyone talk to me about it? I am not going to pay $40 plus a $10 Tab when I only use less than 9 minutes in call, no data so far this month and 19 text messages. Seriously. I am looking around. I don't live on my phone or need it that badly.
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What do you mean by use your tab to go towards your bill? If youre paying $10/month for your tab then you dont have a positive tab balance that could be put towarfs anything anyways.
Also for next time I would suggest making a new thread instead of reviving old ones that have already been answered.
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My contract stated that when my contract was over I could take the $7 Tab charge off my monthly charge or I could build up a Tab towards a new phone. My choice. I have over $79 on my current Tab. If I buy a phone I need to get another contract and my monthly bill increases to their minimum $40 plus a medium tab on top of that to pay off the phone. I would rather keep my phone and take the $7 off my $35 current charge as was stated in the original contract. 
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And I'm sure there is "Koodo Service Terms" stated in your contract as well.

If you don't use your phone much and there is no more Tab to pay, then you might be better switching to Koodo's prepaid service.

Or you can shop around and find what's best fit for you, of course.

If you have more questions, then start a new post as Allan said, pls.
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Its only a $40 plan if you with tab medium. You can go with tab small or byod and get the cheapest plan available $28-$30/month plus a tab.

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