What happens if I travel out of the country for a few months?

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How long before Koodo deactivates my sim card (takes away my phone number) if I don't renew my base plan?

For example: I leave the country for a few months, so I won't be using my phone (so no renewing) and want to just continue when I come back. Is that possible?
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Arjun Kundra

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Posted 3 years ago

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Supposedly SIMs expire after 90 days of disuse. But there are options:

1. Seasonal hold @ $15 a month. Keeps your phone number alive. Supposed to be for up to 6 months, but you don't have to close account or clear up your tab. The same percentage of tab contribution will apply to seasonal hold as your current plan, because that's what Koodo considers it to be: a Ø plan.

1A: You can get a SIM from a local provider in your new location and continue to use your phone with all the contacts and apps intact, but with a new local number, if that is what you want to do, or you can leave the phone dormant.

When you get back home, choose an active plan with Koodo and re-insert the original SIM which will have the original number attached to it. You are back in business.

1B: While you are away, your current contacts will not reach you automatically, if at all.

2. Close out your account: pay the tab, lose your phone number. Re-sign with Koodo with a different number when you return. May work well if you don't owe much on tab and phone number is not that precious. 1B applies as well. New SIM probably required.

3. Port your number to another service temporarily. This is only if maintaining your number and getting all your calls to that number in the interim is important. Do it while your Koodo account is active. They will do option 2 for you, so be prepared. Current calls to your original number can be voicemailed or forwarded.

Won't bore everyone with details unless someone is interested.
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I am with Koodo prepaid so I'm not sure how much of your answer applies to me, but I sincerely appreciate you taking out your time to reply with a detailed and informative answer.

So lets say for example: I leave the country this month and do not renew my base plan this month. Now I come back in 2 months, and top up my account then for my base plan and everything just picks up where it left off?

and is there anywhere where they explicitly say you have 90 days of being inactive before my sim card along with my number will expire?

I would love to know if I could keep my number/sim card active for even longer though I may not be using it for a few months and how to go about doing that.
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Hi Arjun.
Your account will expire after 90 days if you dont have an active baseplan. So just make sure you top up and activate your baseplan before 90 days to keep your account alive
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My assumption was that you are on post-paid. Sorry. The 90 days seems to apply to pre-paid as well.


Looks like you are stuck with options 2 or 3 above in my previous post unless you want to keep your base plan alive within 90 days while you are away.

Others or experts on pre-paid may have found a work-around.
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Thank you so much @Dennis and @BobTheElectrician for all the wonderful help! I appreciate it :)
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Can anyone enlighten me on this subject? I have been in another country and not used my Koodo account for over 90 days and my Koodo prepaid number and SIM card is still working like normal when I got back home just now. What I want to know is if I have minutes left on my talk booster will they expire when I go away again?
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Philippa, check self service to see the expiry date of your base plan. You might have had enough funds to renew your plan for the 90 days you were away. Your talk boosters won't expire as long as your account exists, but you'd have to renew it before the end of the 90 days.
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Can you log into your self serve? 
If it's not expired yet, then your booster should be there too.
So, I would top up first and go away again.(Then, you don't need worry about your account and booster will be gone)

You have 90 days to top up after base plan expired. ( you have almost 120 days from your last top up.)