What counts as renewing for the free gifts?

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I am looking to buy a new phone to replace mine. I am looking at the Samsung A5 and I am wondering how the free gift works. It mentions that you must be renewing but I don't know what counts as renewing or how the free gifts work. I am currently a customer, have been for almost 10 years. 
As a side note I also do not know hot tranferring all of my contacts and SIM card over to the new phone work. (Would be really nice if I could just go to a kiosk and still get the gift but I guess that's not how it works...)
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Posted 8 months ago

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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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Renewing would be purchasing a new phone using the tab.
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If it is the same sim card size, you can just insert your current sim to the new phone.  If it is a different size, you need to contact Koodo to move it over to the new sim.

I would also move your contacts to your email (ex. gmail).  Then your contacts stay with your email account, regardless of the phone.  Where are your contacts stored right now?
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the app by Samsung called Smart Switch will transfer over all you contacts/textmessages/pictures etc. Its a wonderful app
Ok, so from the looks of it the Samsung A5 uses a nano sim card and the Moto G3 that I have now uses a micro. If I order the A5 online using the tab does that mean I will have to go to a Koodo kiosk to transfer over to the nano?

My contacts seem to already be in my gmail so I guess that will not be an issue, thankfully!

Thanks for the quick replies everybody!
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Dennis, Mobile Master

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You will need to contack Koodo (you can send them a private message on social media or give them a call) and they will switch you over to the new sim 
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You do not need to go to a kiosk as your phone will ship with a new SIM card.
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The phone ships with a new SIM card, and then you will need to contact Koodo in order to switch the SIM cards. I'm just no sure if it can be done over Facebook and you might have to call in for that.
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Also, for the free gift.
It's usually for new activation (New line).  If you see it's saying "renewing" device, then you can get it.
But I see "Only available with new activations on the Tab" under A5.  So, I just want to make sure...
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If you're coming from the Moto G3, you're a trooper for using that phone this long. We were two in the family with that phone, and both of us have upgraded quite some time ago.

Galaxy A5 is a good phone if you're into Samsung. As I am a Motorola user myself, I'd recommend sticking to the brand, even if it means acquiring your phone elsewhere.

The Verizon Moto E4 can be purchased from Amazon.com and ship to Canada for dirt cheap. Keep an eye on the sale. Unlocking it isn't too hard to achieve, either. Getting it to work on Koodo may require some reading on XDA Dev, but this would be by far your most cost-effective upgrade to your Moto G3.

Virgin/Bell/Videotron have carrier exclusivity on Moto G5, but Amazon and BestBuy both carry the unlocked variants as well (along with Moto G5 Plus).

If you really want to splurge (insane overkill over the Moto G3), then grab a Moto Z2 Play or Moto X4 off Amazon. The carrier variant (exclusive) of the Moto Z2 Play is a rip-off compared to the international variant. Moto X4 on Amazon will be cheaper than your Galaxy A5 on Koodo. Moto Z2 Play is $0 upfront on a gold plan on Virgin, so probably your cheapest option if you really want to grab the carrier variant and switch carriers, but you'd be better off grabbing the international variant off Amazon whenever they have it in stock and going with the carrier of your choice.