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Ok so this is rather weird.
Two days ago, I received a call I didn't pick and I end up calling back asking who it was and basically, it was someone who assured me that she didn't call at all.
Today, it was the opposite. Someone called me from a private number asking me If I called her (another woman but this time speaks french) , but I didn't call anyone.
Rather weird. Is it possible that my phone got cloned?
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Oma Be

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Posted 4 years ago

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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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Not likely. Most likely a telemarketer is spoofing local numbers in your area to trick people into answering their calls.
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Oma Be

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that would explain the first scenario but not the second.
If a telemarketer called me and would ask me if I called, what benefit would it give that person ? if their sole purpose is to sell me something....

I didn't add another aspect, my phone appears as private number usually, so its rather odd that she got my phone number.
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Like Timo said: number spoofing. Telemarketing agency/person could have spoofed your number to call the french lady and when she hit redial, of course it's going to connect to you. That also explains how she even had your number cause you weren't personally calling her.

There's nothing wrong with your phone or number. It's just the world we live in
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Oma Be

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For sure.
It does make sense.
also I believe some numbers are being tested as the call I received a couple of days ago had the same 3 first digits as my own. (222)

Anywho, thanks for your explanation it did clarify a lot.
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No problem! :)
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Same thing happened to me!
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People still trust caller-id way too much (and many years ago you could trust it more than you can today).

On my VoIP system I can set both the name and number to any values I like.

A few months after I got married, on April 1st (April fool’s day) one year I set the number to the Whitehouse switchboard and the name to Whitehouse and had a female co-worker call my wife “This is the office of the president, I have a call from the President for Steve, is he available?”, “Well no he is at work but I can give you the number there!”. “That’s alright madame we have that number, I will try him there, thanks and have a great day”. A while later I get a call from my wife asking why the President is calling me. “Oh, he calls me all the time when he needs advice on something... I wonder what it is this time?... it’s actually starting to get annoying.”.

The caller id had her fooled for a few minutes until she realized I know so much about phones (used to be my job).
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Mohammed Murtuza

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What VoIP system do you use?
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Corina Becker

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I had something like this just happen to me!  About 15 minutes ago, an old lady called me, twice, while I was driving. Of course I didn't answer it, and she left a message saying that I had called her 3 hours ago, and left a message for her to call back, so would I call her back.  
I was so confused, cause 3 hours ago, I was talking to my boyfriend, so it was impossible for my phone to have mistakenly called her... and what was this about a message from me??? Maybe she had gotten the wrong number.  So I called her back. 
When I called, the line was all echoing at first, and she was "oh, you're the one that called me from this number." And I was trying to explain that I had no record of a call on my phone, had not made one.  And then she said there was a text about a hockey game. 
She used my name, I'm pretty sure she used my name.  I never said my name. 
I told her that the phone was cloned, and this was probably a matter for the police or something. And she was all "Oh, well, I'm a 77 year old lady, I don't know anything about this sort of thing, could you handle it? I'll call you if anything else like this happens."
And now I'm really really concerned.  

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