We need better reception/service on the network

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I have been with Koodo for almost 2 years and my biggest issue continues to be frequent dropped calls. It happens all the time but it is extremely bad on rainycloudy or overcast days like today! Please,Koodo, get more towers or something! This sucks!
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Chris Petersens

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You know it' can often be the phone not the network. If it's not your phone than you might as well tell them where you want that tower you asked for, otherwise how would they know where the problem is?
I reported the problem and the phone 18 months ago. I live in a major city and commute to an adjacent major city for work. If I can't get reception here, where can I expect to get reception? I am on my 2nd phone. Furthermore, if a phone doesn't get reception why is the carrier allowed to sell it?
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Not everyone phone has issues. Just like with any electronics, some will have a specific issue, some will have varying issues. There is no way to tell until the phone is up and running.
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Just bought a new phone ... I have 0 signal at my house and 2 bars at most anywhere else !? This phone was really expensive and i love koodo but i will have to change carieres if i cant have any reception (ps. It is not just the phone hense i had a different phone and had 0 bars at home too and sometimes only 1) i live 20 minutes from ottawa i shouldnt be blocked from all signal???
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You may also want to provide the government and land owner permissions to build that tower you're asking for, since that's the biggest reason new towers take so long to build.
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To add to what Chris and Timo have said, you could be on the fringes of the network's coverage area. It's difficult to accurately pinpoint whether it's a network or phone problem without knowing a) where you're located and b) what phone you have.

Koodo doesn't erect towers and uses Telus or Bell towers (as per sharing agreement) depending on where you're located. There's also been a lot of emphasis placed on carriers to share towers to reduce or regulate the number of towers being built.

Borrowed from Koodo: Will my Koodo services always work in Koodo coverage areas?

In addition, service failures or interruptions can occur due to events beyond Koodo’s reasonable control. These may include:

Atmospheric conditions (including solar activities); Physical obstacles interfering with the transmission of radio signals; Limitations on the capacity of the network to carry traffic from all nearby users; Technical limitations of the systems of other telecommunications companies or limitations of the interconnection of transmission facilities; Defects or failures in network equipment; or Emergency or public safety requirements.
I live in Hamilton (not downtown) and commute to Burlington for work. Neither area is obstructed by tall buildings and neither area is "rural".

To make a long story short, I used to have an older model Blackberry for about 1 year (purchased through Koodo). I struggled daily with dropped calls, delayed text messages, and reception issues. After many, many calls to tech support and customer service, Koodo finally disclosed that my Blackberry was not compatible with the Koodo/Telus network -- even though they are the ones who sold it to me -- and that is why I was having difficulty with getting a sustained signal.

After much discussion, I was ultimately provided with an upgraded phone a few months ago. A Samsung Galaxy SIIX. Initially, I did not notice the same level of reception issues with the new phone (the odd call here and there), but within a few weeks of using it, I began to notice that my reception was significantly impacted during periods of overcast weather. If it's cloudy, I assume my calls are going to disconnect - which is what usually happens.

At the end of the day, I guess you get what you pay for. Koodo is a discount carrier so I get discount reception. My husband is with Rogers and has been for over 10 years. He pays a bit more than I do (given that he is a long time customer he has been able to negotiate a great plan with many free add-ons), but he only loses a call every now and then when he is in a certain area of the factory he works in. Otherwise, he gets perfect and reliable reception.
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Wait, to clarify, what model of Blackberry were you using? Because I've never heard of such an issue.
It was a Blackberry Curve - 9360? It wasn't the old Curve, it was the newer Curve. I got it in March, 2012.
During the 2nd repair, they replaced the SIM card thinking that may be the problem. On the 3rd repair, they replaced the whole phone. Same issues with every one - including the loaner phone they gave me (also a Blackberry Curve). That's when I got really frustrated.
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Huh, well it's possible that there was a defect with a specific batch of 9360s and all those phones were from that same batch.

Honestly, in my experience the few Blackberries that Koodo have sold are quite stable and certainly compatible with the network.
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I will agree with Hopeful. When I first came to koodo, I got an INQ. This was many years ago. After many months of issues, koodo finally told me that where I live does not support that phone, I live near Ottawa. I got them to replace it with the old blackberry, I loved it. 2 years later I got the BB9360, that was a mistake. My phone was replaced 3 times, I too have the S2X, good phone but when in rock cuts, does not work well. I also grew up in Hamilton born and raised, and guess what, lots of rocks, aka the mountain. So I can see both sides of this storey.
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Been with Koodo for 3 years and NEVER EVER had a single dropped call and I live nowhere near a major city here in Ontario and even when Travelling up North to fish or North West to go to our cottage still never have had a single dropped call.
This is with over 15 different phones including many not sold by Koodo.

On your Galaxy S2x try searching for towers manually and see if you get better results. Go to settings - more - Mobile Networks - Network Operators and let it search, it will take about 30 seconds and then a list of towers in range will come up, choose Koodo and you should notice the reception increase. Whenever you have an issue repeat this. Many times I've gone from 2 bars to full reception.

Oh also are you indoors when this happens?

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