We need more case options! and other accessories

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I work at a kiosk in Alberta, and I have such a difficult time getting the attach rate I need. and from the feedback of customers, I think it would be beneficial if you brought in more options for cases and even more SD cards for people to purchase. In terms of cases, I know with phones being so expensive ideally you want people to purchase Otter boxes and Lifeproof cases, but some customers find them way to bulky and go more for looks than protection. Being an accounting major at my post secondary school, I think it would definitely increase attachment ratio, controllable revenue, and overall customer experience if they could find literally everything they need at the Kiosk, because not everything we offer appeals to the market, women want things that look nice and dont generally go for sturdy and durable and I dont believe we are really penetrating and catering to that market to our full potential, and packaging also plays a role, even though packaging is costly for companies, I dont think the blue packaging that all the car chargers come in appeal to people and catch their eye especially for the price they are.
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Chris Petersens

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Here is what happened to is recently which I thought was great. Our oldest daughter wanted a pair of boots she saw sober went to a well known national shoe store. They didn't have the size or the colour she wanted on hand. They said not to worry, they took us to their computer showed us the model and said it would be in by tomorrow if we wanted them. Sure, we said. We paid and next day my daughter picked her brand new shoes up. The store didn't have to carry inventory for a model that only sells occasionally and the customer, us ended up happily.

Koodo should be able to do same And have custome order and pay for what they want then just pick it up a few days later.
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Heh I like BOTH your ideas, Chris and Ms Dupuis :D
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Thanks Sophia!!
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I called in saying my phone was stole to reactive it and I just found it can't u turn my services back on
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I think this deserves another topic for its own. What is the reason you can't turn it on?
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He is asking for koodo to do but he needs to do it himself. He is likely confused. Look where he posted his question. :-)
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Usually I get most of my accessories and cases from sites like eBay or Amazon! You should try checking out what's available on those sites.
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I agree Koodo should carry more cases & accessories.
While going online is an option, it's not something everyone wants to have to do.

In the US many carriers have a wide assortment of cases so Koodo should be able to offer something similar.
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I think they do that on purpose because phones now changes way to fast. keeping that much cases in stock don't make sense from a business point of view. I don't know about Alberta, but here in Toronto, cell phone cases shops are everywhere with prices are impossible to match.

But i completely agree because most phones only have 5 or 6 to choose and 2 of which are otterboxes.
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It is, in reference to my store location, customers are literally steps away from a kiosk that offers a wide variety of cases for 10 dollars and 20 dollars, and their otterboxes are also priced $5 dollars cheaper than the ones we offer. They offer deals for apprehensive customers who dont want cases or who are on the fence of getting them. They have screen protectors, in different options...

I dont know of a solution better than offering a wider variety of case options, at least for more popular phones.
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I don't disagree, but with pretty much every mall having several mobile accessory stores to choose from, I really fail to see a lack of choice for consumers that don't want to purchase online.

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