Using easyroam in US, I see mystery calls from "mynumber ZZ,ZZ" to "99999 ROAM/VOY" for $7 each

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There is a separate $21 charge on my bill which I assume is for the EasyRoam 3 days in the US (although when I click on that charge, I get no info).  But there are also these 3 mystery calls in my Airtime, each listed as 1 min for $7.  I made a single phone call while in the US, which shows up correctly.

It looks to me like I'm being double-charged for roaming. Anyone have insight on this?

Not happy at all with this new roaming feature (the previous add-ons were much better for me) or how it was rolled out - no reference in the website to the transition, the old options just vanished and the text "announcement" came out after I was traveling. This is making me even less happy.
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Posted 9 months ago

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Hello there,

You've been charged 21$ in extra or 42$? Maybe those "calls" are the way for Koodo to charge the EasyRoam even if you didn't actually make calls.
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Hi KF, page 7 of your bill shows the detailed breakdown of all calls (if you download the PDF ebill from Self Serve, it shows all of the details, where as the overview will only show high-level info.).

Easy Roam launched on Oct. 10, and I see that you opted into the service on Oct. 10, 11, and 13th -the $21 charge you reference is indeed for those days. The Additional charges are for usage in late Sept. and early October, at which time you did not have any roaming add-ons, so were charged the pay-per-use rate.

Hope that helps clarify things. For more info. on Easy Roam, you can check out
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Hi there... 

7$ for 1 mins sounds like the phone was potentially used while on a cruise? Is that a possibility?

Please, give us more details!
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No cruise, I was in Texas.  I think I see what's happening though...
My bill shows 2 lines: Airtime and Other.
The Other line shows $21 (I assume easyroam); when I click on it, I just go to the Usage tab, no details.
The Airtime line (total) shows $20.50, but the DETAILS show those calls, plus the 3 1-min calls for $7.  So those $7 calls aren't rolled up into the Airtime total.

So I'm not being charged twice for EasyRoam, but the way it's being billed is as a call - sort of.  Rather confusing, and since I have limited minutes, it should not count against those.  I'd suggest they change the way they bill this. (Better yet, bring back the old options!)
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Easy Roam gives you access to the minutes/texts/data of your Canadian plan, so yes, your minutes would be deducted. This IS different than the past, where you bought a bucket of minutes/texts/data for use when travelling.
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You misunderstand.
Those 1-min calls to 99999 ROAM/VOY in my Airtime log were not actual calls that I made.  That is apparently how they were registering the EasyRoam $7/day charge to my account. 
Activating the add-on alone should not affect my minutes. Agreed that any actual calls I make will.
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I have been on two trips to the USA and UK lately and signed up for EasyRoam, with no real intention of using my minutes, texts or data (only used for wifi). I have numerous of these 1-min calls to 99999 ROAM/VOY on my account...5 x $10 charges for my recent trip to UK and 3 x $7 charges for my USA trip. The problem is I DIDN'T USE MY PHONE AT ALL, except for wifi. I didn't send any texts, didn't turn on data, and didn't make any calls. Why the heck have these charges been added to my account? This seems really fishy to me...have other people also experienced this? And does anyone know how I can make a complaint and fight this? 

Thanks - John
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Messages aren't on the ebill. They can be found under the usage section of self serve though.
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Yeah I checked that @Allan. There are two "International Text Messages" that I received on the same day - that's all. But according to the roaming rules, those should not be charged and are free because I received them.
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No you wont get charged for asking about your bill or disputing charges.
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@john: incoming sms is free when roaming. I think you were charged due to some small data usage somewhere.
You won't be charged for calling (or send messages to koodo facebook) to dispute the bill. You could ask the agent nicely to go over the charge and explain what you did to minimize usage(but still triggered easyroam). It is also important for the next trip. You could ask them to check your data usages, your text and see if they justify (you could be charged for few days, as you mentioned you sent some texts)
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Thanks everyone for your advice and help

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