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I do not pay for data and my data is off. However, I have been charged $5.00 for "usage charges" does this mean I am being charged for data for some reason? How can I get this taken off my bill?
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Vanessa Mateuchev

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Posted 2 years ago

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David, Mobile Master

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Have you downloaded and reviewed your bill from self-serve to see what exactly the charges are?
Once you have done that you may be in a better position to determine if you have been charged appropriately.
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Miya Bradburn

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I was just coming here to ask the same thing! I, too, have a $5.00 charge, but when I click on the red stop sign to see where it might have come from, all costs say "0.00"!
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Have you done what David said above? You can check page 3 of your ebill to see where the charge came from.
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Francine Denomme

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I have the same thing and did check. I am on wifi and have my cellular data off. I was charged $5 and it says I received and sent 19 messages but was charged for $5 for one of them. The others indicate 0. This doesn't seem like it makes any sense.
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Freeman Dryden

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The iPhone was a GIFT — I couldn't afford to buy one just like I couldn't afford the abusive $300/month bills from Telus for a handful of LOCAL calls and switched to Koodo.  The «Small Minority» was sucked in by deception. Anyone intensely into texting and data would obviously (???) have the «smarts» to turn ON whatever costly traps they feel they can't live without.    The annoying part is that nobody tells you about these traps until they've already cost you money you can't afford to waste.   Having very carefully REFUSED a «Data Plan» what else could I possibly have done to protect myself from this piracy? Not so secret charges due to a secret ON switch!  A great SCAM if you can get away with it.   BTW: thank you for the phone numbers — I'll plead my case to KOODO if I can manage to get through to a real person who can speak English (or French!) and not some offshore pidgin. 
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If you have issues with postpaid plans and smartphone, I would suggest you switch to prepaid, you could control exactly how many minutes you would like. With prepaid, "no data plan" means "zero access to mobile data", and no overage fee.
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The piracy of data? Turn off in general settings? It's not a deeply buried switch. You can always switch to prepaid then since your usage pattern seems to not justify a larger postpaid plan. Then you cannot use data that you don't buy first.

If you were getting charged 300 a month for a handful of minutes and texts, I don't know what to tell you. Something there doesn't add up. You were plainly using more or had the worst possible plan there is or some sort of glitch on Telus's side was claiming usage that was never there.

Are people outside of Canada fake? Maybe you should put some minimal effort into understanding people who speak English with accents.
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Freeman Dryden

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Well, not to put too fine a point on it and to respect your polite demeanour,  please remember that YOU are a cybernerd (no insult intended), and VERY MANY people like me have «devices» which CAN prove cheaper and more efficient PHONES than a landline IF the carrier doesn't «pull a fast one». We have NO interest in the sky-high cost of «data» and impersonal and time-wasting «text». 

BTW, I speak, and clearly understand three languages as well as several related dialects.   What I find objectionable is the shipping offshore of jobs (in the name of ever more usurious profits) which should be performed IN CANADA — not in offshore sweatshops with crappy crackly equipment, boiler-factory background noise, and «agents» whose knowledge of the language and the problems Canadians are calling about, and their ability to DO anything useful is (to be polite!) abysmally poor.

When you suddenly get charged for something you specifically eschewed...

When the ISP FAILS to warn you that even though you have done due diligence you are still «liable» for «service» for which you have specifically «OPTED OUT»...

When you buy (from London Drug / TELUS) an already overpriced $70/month «prepaid» plan only to discover that EVERY LOCAL CALL is actually being billed as overpriced «Long Distance» and get a bill for $300... 

When the agent who sold you that ridiculously abusive plan while smiling demurely and assuring you that it was the «bargain of the decade», then, confronted with the truth throws an ugly hissy-fit........

Well, while I am an admitted Luddite, I am not brain-dead.  I was VERY careful to ask ALL the questions I, as a luddite, could image might leave me exposed to the «piracy» I referred to.  However the answers I received (including the «data charges» issue) were, in the best light DECEPTIVE, and in the worst light outright LIES.

It seems to me a «no-brainer» that if someone specifically refuses «services» like «text» and «data» and the agent proffering the contract says NOTHING about the hidden TRAPS, one should expect to NOT BE CHARGED  for those «services». 

In Canada we have the «privilege» of paying some of the highest cellphone rates in the entire world.  What we GET, however, is come-on contract sales, agent attitude, crappy, (if any) customer service, and bills inflated even past the already usurious «published rates».

In another hour the KOODO «customer service» lines are supposed to be open. It will be interesting to see where that leads. 

Welcome to the Canadian Cellphone War-zone!
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Freeman Dryden

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After a REASONABLE wait, got through to KOODO and I'm VERY happy with the reception I got and the solution offered.   I now have a iP6 WITH 2gigs (!!!) «no overage danger» data and an iP4s with data TURNED OFF at the ISP —  exactly what I wanted.  KUDOs to KOODO!

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