unsatisfactory service from cellular point store

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How do I contact Koodo to complain about one of the outlet stores' service
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Posted 4 years ago

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You can send them an email, Faith: http://koodomobile.com/en/bc/contact.... and use the Tab "Email us". Sorry to hear you had bad service!
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I'd say contact cellular point head office as its not really anything to do with Koodo as they're not Koodo employees or anything, they're cellular point employees that just happen to sell Koodo services as well as other carriers. Here's the contact info for Cellular Point head office
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Why don't you post your complaint here? There are people from koodo's head office who will see it and they often respond. Plus, I'd love to know too what issue you ran into.
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Like Paul said...
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No two mobility service stores as Koodo sales agents are alike

As is often the case in the service realm with any product/service, one can encounter profoundly different customer experiences between two (or more) service agent stores. What is as if not more significant is when such different encounters are experienced by a new customer (as is my case).

I am a service design analyst, in part, by profession, so service, customer journey, and experiential design are among my bailiwick. The following analogy encountered is noteworthy:

     (1) First store (Koodo agent in Walmart, Bradford, Ontario, Canada):  I approached a young lady who appeared to be a sales agent for Koodo (and other competing services). I clearly explained to her that I had a cell phone for which I wished to open up a monthly mobility plan, and I mentioned my preference, that I had no binding ties to the previous service provider, and that I wished to keep my cell number (as it was my business number as well).

I had to repeat myself on all the above points, while she tried to sell me a new phone, discouraged me to use my good cell phone, and tried to sell me first a pre-paid account. When she then chirped that "we are having a communication problem", I was so tempted to remark that she was experiencing a listening comprehension problem. I patiently guided her to the point where she understood that I wished to register for a monthly plan. Then suddenly the quantity of identification that I brought (at the advice of Koodo Customer service during a call the previous evening) was, to her, deficient. I was not impressed. Her insistence that she could not input the very information contained on the documents & cards that then laid before her as legitimate identification (including 3 types of government-issued identification, social insurance number, birth certificate, etc.), was bad enough, but when she then decided that she could not serve me- a notion even echoed by the equally young "supervisor"- branded both of them to the level of idiocy. Well there they were with blank looks in their face- about to lose a customer. The girl was not a trainee (I had to ask, incredulous as I had become).
Perhaps these two gems had not yet managed to walk in front of a bus while engrossed in Pokémon Go (thankfully, the newest Darwinian filter to thin the herd).

(2) Undaunted by losing 10 minutes of my valuable time I will never recover, I crossed the street to another Koodo agent (Mobility City). The young man that served me was courteous, listened, diligent, got it right the first time, and had me signed up in about 5 minutes. He was knowledgeable about the Koodo service generally and service terms in particular. He saved the loss of a new Koodo customer.

Idiot on one side of the street, a true service professional directly on the other side. That is how close a shave it can be between gaining and losing a customer, and encountering a quality of service that either enhances or hinders word-of-mouth endorsements for a service. 

(I see commentary that Koodo corporate views these comments (which would be wise as valuable feedback. Perhaps they will take notice.)

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Hello Everyone,
I have to tell a story too. At the end of January. Three of us bought a combined contract. I mean, One of us bought the contract for three of us. We purchased this great deal with Koodoo. Now I have to say before getting into the sorry part of this story. I have never used Koodoo. However during our visit to Cellular Point at the square and reading the positive literature about Koodoo's customer service I was sold. Also the fact that they were owned by Telus, which I have always used, and loved! Done, lets get some phones now! I said. We proceeded to buy three contracts. The sales clerks there told us that's great here the phones for no charge based on a 2 year contract. We picked out the galaxy 3 (2) and I wanted an Iphone. Not so easy!, when we got our bill from Koodoo the galaxy phones weren't free at all. There is a charge of 143.00 dollars for the phones (the galaxy 3's) the customer service rep told me. We went through the bill second by second. Needless to say my friend who purchased ( the contracts) fully expected the phones for free, based on the sales clerks at Cellular Point. " recently, we now include galaxy 3 phones in our no charge deals on phones" Great we said will take two! Koodoo customer service says yea sorry we cant help you with that. Its cellular Point you have to argue with. OMG I said. Anyway I haven't contacted Cellular Point as yet, only because this happen past Saturday and there was a stat holiday on Monday. But unfortunately tomorrow morning I'll be on the phone with Cellular Point trying to resolve this mix up over the charge of two galaxy 3 phones. Hopefully I can say tomorrow that they fixed the mix up on the charges for the galaxy 3 phones.