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I Love you Koodos but we need unlimited data plans ^_^
and some more selection with phones would be nice to.
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Jackie T

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Posted 5 years ago

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Don't expect unlimited data plans. Also they are not "needed".
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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Unfortunately, we cannot expect better data plans and better prices until we stop paying for this luxury. Most of us don't actually need a 24/7 data connection. Facebook, messaging, gaming, etc. are certainly not needs. If our demand for this service went down, so would the prices.
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This 'new' idea comes up pretty frequently. While I get Koodo doesn't offer unlimited data, they should stop their predatory pricing.
I'd be happy with the MB/SK 5GB plan here in in Ontario. It doesn't seem fair, especially when they are roaming on other provincial carriers with these plans.
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Amanda Elizabeth

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And that competition changes across provinces
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Ig Danyl

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Koodo is just a small company owned by Telus,unable to give you anything more even if they wonted to.we need more and bigger players from the US to bring prices down,T Mobile,Verizon would be great 
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Funny you say that, Danyl, because the smallest players in Canada are currently offering the most for the least amount of money: Wind, Mobilicity.
There is a reason though why I'm with Koodo and not with them: we live out in the boonies and Wind hasn't even reached within 500 kilometres from here :(
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I thought Wind was a good deal (from what I had heard) until my friend from Ontario visited this week. He was using my computer to add funds for roaming to his account almost EVERY day (just so he could send a text message) and boasting how he had 10 GB of data (but not here in roamer land). I guess I've come to take Koodo's national coverage and unlimited text with no roaming for granted :)

Anyways, this isn't the 3rd world so we are unlikely to have unlimited data anytime soon like they do.
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Hopefully Wind's service quality has improved but when I was using Wind I had frequent dropped calls, even in Wind zones. Once when I was waiting for a call it never rang. It went to voicemail (but I had signal to go check the voicemail). It could have been the phone or the service, but I've had much better reliability with Koodo. I can't remember the last time Koodo dropped a call when I wasn't moving (I don't count driving out of signal range as Koodo's fault :) )

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