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I think it is time Koodo and I end our relationship.  I have had nothing but great things to say about Koodo since I joined about 10 years ago. The tab, and plans have been reasonable and competitive.  The change in the way the tabs are done now are not encouraging, but I since I recently paid off my tab, and there was a promo with a bonus gb (on the med tab only not the large tab) I decided to switch to Samsung S5 neo rather than the 6...I arrived at the kiosk only to be told the 5 was no longer in stock; I asked what else was available, and said I was looking in the med tab range, and gave my phone number. He didnt even look at my account, asked for id - I showed my health card (picture id) -- he demanded drivers license -- I dont have one -- (this is a sore point with me) I didnt need one when I picked up the google nexus phone 2 years ago on a tab, not sure why I needed one this time. He said he couldnt just give me a phone...I have had 3 or 4 phones on tabs over the years....what was the problem? Does a drivers license make you more reliable to pay your bill? I could see needing several pieces of id for opening a new account, but a long term loyal customer? A piece of picture id to verify who I am yes, which I had 2...health card; and my gov't work id both state my name and a picture of "me".  If I can order the phone over the internet where no one can see me what is the problem.  I guess Koodo doesnt care about customer loyalty anymore.

And if you are out of stock, take the phone off your list, dont continue to advertise it. 
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Diana Brown

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Diana,

Provincial health cards are not recognized as valid forms of identification anywhere you go. 

You must be able to provide one of the following three items:
- Canadian Driver's Licnese
- SIN card
- Credit card issued in Canada

As well as one of the following:
-Work Visa
- Department/Defense ID
-Permanent Resident Card
-Native Indian Status Card
-CNIB Card
- Provincial ID card
- Possession and Acquisition License.

You can also purchase a phone online where you don't have to worry about providing ID but you do need a credit card.
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Diana Brown

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I never travel with my passport unless I know I am going to need it, however I did have my SIN card, but hey it doesnt have my picture on it.  I really dont want to buy a phone online; did that once, it didnt work then I had to ship it back, and wait for another leaving me without a phone. I had a credit card; but like I said I picked up a google nexus phone with ease 2 years previously without a problem
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Diana Brown

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I could except, the lack of service sucked. He didnt look at my file at all. The phone I wanted was out of stock, and all he wanted from me was a drivers license...and didnt say anything else about other pieces of id.  In this country if you dont drive you are a 3rd class citizen.  Its time Koodo started training their staff better.
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In this country if you dont drive you are a 3rd class citizen. 
Not really, but you should be able to show a provincial ID card which provides the same level of identity certainty as does a Drivers' license. My spouse has one, and has never experienced any difficulty when providing it instead of a DL.
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If you are done with Koodo, then good luck where ever you end up.

If you are looking for advice and a solution, I recommend finding another kiosk or 3rd party seller.  I would also suggest you share the location and the name of the rep who was giving you trouble so Koodo can look into it.  Otherwise 1 bad employee should not define a company.
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Diana Brown

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I may check another kiosk, however I will pull out my passport but if the phone I want isnt in stock I will still head someplace else...I was stunned that he didnt look at my account, a drivers license is no proof you can pay for a phone, it just shows a picture of you. If I was a new account, I get it.  It was not the same service I received in Aug 2014, when I picked up my google nexus 5 at that same kiosk. 
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You can call ahead to the locations if they have the neo in Stock. And tell them you are an existing customer at a store.

Also when you buy a phone, they always check your ID (not credit check), and they don't accept health card as ID as Mat said.
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For some added context Diana, we have experienced a national shortage of S5 Neoinventory from Samsung as of this summer. It would be a good idea to call ahead to make sure the store does have stock before you venture out, as Mayumi suggested.

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