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Parent Company: Telus
LTE Bands: 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17, 29
APN settings: link https://apn-canada.gishan.net/net_4_koodo_mobile_internet_and_mms_settings.php
SMSC: +16475800172
How to order service: online or at a kiosk (not over the phone)
How the tab works: the subsidy of the phone is broken down to 24 monthly installments of $2 to $21. The tab cannot be transferred to a different line. Once you start a tab, you can change your base plan to any plan compatible with your tab. This will not interrupt nor change your tab. The tab cannot work with prepaid accounts. Whether you change your plan, phone number, province of residence, go on a seasonal hold, this will not change your tab unless you do an upgrade on that same line with Koodo.
90 day rule: since Koodo gives big discounts on subsidized phones, if you cancel within 90 days of activation, Koodo can charge back the gift card and refer a friend credits. This is to offset the generous discounts and/or gift cards Koodo gives out on new activations. Only after 90 days will Koodo allow you to pay off your tab. Only after 90 days can you put your line on a seasonal hold.
Sim cards: Newer sim cards are 3-in-1 (regular/micro/nano). You can cut an older sim card or insert a smaller sim card into an adapter. If you're not sure about what you are doing, buy a replacement sim card. Customer service can easily associate your line with your new sim.
Roaming: if you go to the States once in a while and only need your phone for casual use (possible emergency calls to Canada or email and very light browsing), then get a roaming pass. Otherwise, get your phone unlocked and pick up a sim card at your destination if you can. Some countries make it hard for tourists to get a local sim card, in which case you might opt for a roaming pass with Koodo or grab a roaming sim from one of many 3rd party providers (you're welcome to shop around once your phone is sim-unlocked). Most roaming sim's will only offer 3G speeds. However, most phones from Canadian carriers are not compatible with most LTE networks from other continents (and vice-versa).
Unlock your phone: if it's an iPhone, grab the unlock code from Koodo. For any Android, eBay is usually cheapest and very safe. Special note for Samsung phones: Samsung phones have special steps. They sim lock to the first network they connect to. For a brand-new Samsung phone, insert sim from one carrier, then sim swap to a sim from a different carrier, then input unlock code. To region-unlock the phone, once the sim is connected, make a phone call lasting minimum five minutes (otherwise it won't work overseas).
Billing: the bill can only be overpaid by credit card by a maximum of 20%. Work-around would be to pay via online banking if you plan on overpaying your account. If you're struggling to pay your Koodo bill or plan a long overseas trip and carry a sizeable tab, you can put your line on a seasonal hold (line must be active for at least 90 days). Seasonal hold is $15 per month plus the tab. This will not force you to buy-out your tab and will allow you to keep your number with Koodo. If you don't carry a tab or your outstanding tab is relatively low, then it'd be cheaper to port your number to Fongo, VoIP.Ms or another voip provider, and port back in to Koodo as a new activation when you're ready to budget or utilise a post-paid plan. Note that if you're on a grandfathered plan, resorting to either of these options will prevent you from keeping your old plan.
Transfer of responsibility: $10 fee. Can be done at kiosk or over the phone. The person taking over the line has to meet the age requirement in their province of residence.
Province-specific plans: this post is not to tell you how to get "out of province" plans. Here's the scoop. Koodo offers province-specific plans to compete with a competitive wireless carrier in each of those provinces. Koodo is not required to do this. To prevent revenue loss for the carrier, kiosks validate ID for activations. Either driver's licence, or SIN card combined with photo ID (such as passport) and a copy of a utility bill. After the activation, the province-specific plan is dictated by the area code of the phone number plus the billing address. For those who have the means of activating on a QC plan, budget phones are on a tab 7 instead of a tab 10.
Tab credits: Some grandfathered plans had a deal where over time, a subscriber's line would earn tab credits. Tab credits may also be granted by customer loyalty (YMMV). These tab credits are like a coupon. You'll get $X off your next upgrade on that line. The tab credit cannot be converted into an account credit, cannot be used towards an upgrade on a different line, and cannot be transferred to a prepaid account. If you port out the line (including to prepaid), you lose the tab credit.
Refer a friend: you can refer anyone including yourself starting on your first day as a Koodo customer. However, each line referred in must be done through a different email address.
Cancellation: either port out to another carrier, or cancel with customer loyalty over the phone (and lose the phone number).
Overseas calls: if your overseas calling is relatively low, you could benefit from Koodo's lower rates by paying a small monthly fee. Many 3rd party apps offer cheaper overseas calling rates, and using those apps does not require unlocking your phone (calls would be made over data or wifi within those apps). For higher overseas call volume, it'd be advisable to get a calling plan for your calling destinations. You could set up UK forwarding numbers - do a quick web search on "free UK numbers". Then, grab the 1000 UK calling minutes with Koodo for $20 per month, and forward your UK numbers to your contacts across most of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania (plus pockets of Africa). Won't be any good for very expensive calling destinations (example Cuba, Morocco, Djibouti), but will cover places like Nigeria, South Africa, etc.
Koodo home phone: great if you need a landline or shared line in a location where high speed internet is unavailable (meaning VoIP won't be reliable) yet there's good cellular coverage. Great for those who do a lot of call forwarding. No dice for those who use landlines for fax or name display. Great for brand new buildings, seniors' residences, not so good for basements. Also great for someone who needs a home phone only (does not use internet). Not available in BC/AB in order to not compete with Telus's landline coverage area (Virgin Mobile and Rogers are doing the same with their home phone adapter). Works as a stand-alone line, no auto-attendant or rollover features, meaning not a long term solution for multi-line businesses.
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Your effort is admirable, but do keep in mind that some of this information will change over time.
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That's not as bad as some users posting the same question multiple times. We can't save 'em all. If any information changes or users have anything to contribute, comments are more than welcome.

My suggestion would be for this forum to have stickies. That way, official reps, Koodo employees and maybe including Mobile Masters could post and update stickies with forum rules and super useful documentation that'd answer most questions.

Perhaps if we had stricter moderators who could apply merging / deleting redundant threads, put users on probation (meaning to open a new thread, it'd require moderator approval), etc.? This could potentially solve a lot of the shannanigans on this forum!

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Koodo makes use of GetSatisfaction software, which does not allow for sticky posts.
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Most of the frequently asked questions get moved to a FAQ, but unfortunately the linking to them leaves much to be desired.
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@David: I agree. Would be great if the FAQ were set up more like a wiki, and it were easy to cycle feedback on pages.

To be fair, the FAQ cannot suggest 3rd party work-arounds (to my knowledge). This forum is soooo laid back, like you can say "hey buddy, go unlock your phone from eBay, then when you cross the boarder, go sign up with a wireless service provider at your destination" or "if Koodo's too expensive for calling your contacts overseas, use a 3rd party service or app to call them".

Every platform has its purpose. I just thought I'd whip up some useful documentation to assist many of the common questions on the forum.

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"That's not as bad as some users posting the same question multiple times."

Sometimes that is the fault of the software, when you see two identical posts in the sam or sequential minutes. Individuals who post in multiple threads is another issue.