Turn off phones at night !

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I propose a way to give a healthy life to your cell phone. By turning it off at night we give a break to the phone, also we avoid the phone of being charged with static electricity witch, with time, may & will damage your phone's internal circuits. Also we will save electricity. Try charging your phone at 100% and leaving it for the night if possible as batteries also need to be charged and uncharged properly for them to have a good efficiency and longetivity.
By the way this is good with any electric equipement.
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Posted 6 years ago

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John Burke, Mobile Master

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I need to be reachable over night so that's not an option for me.

However, I set my phone up so automatically at midnight my display brightness turns to 0, all media is muted, ringer turns off with vibration also disabled & I turn off LED Notifications. The only people I allow to disturb me after midnight are my family members.
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Beth Standen

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John, is there an Android app that automatically does this for you? I manually do this to my phone each night.
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John Burke, Mobile Master

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There sure is! I use "My Profiles+" available from the Google Play Store. I also set it so when I plug in my headphones it automatically opens the Music App, when in the car it launches Maps, when I arrive at work it dims the screen & other stuff then when back home everything goes full & connects to Wi-Fi.
All automatically.

It takes time to setup & get use to at first but then it runs in the background & is just awesome!
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Beth Standen

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Oh cool! I'll be downloading that for sure.
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I have mine set similar to John's, but I just do it through my S3. I might have to check out My Profiles+ and see if it can add anything else!
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My cell phone is pretty much my alarm so turning it off isn't an option for me either. The app I use is a gradual wake up, much better than the standard alarms that jerk you out of a sleep.
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I wholeheartedly agree with you il'uha, turning off your phone once a day is a great idea. Unfortunately doing it during the night doesn't really work for me. I'm just like Cast, I use my phone as an alarm and like John I'd hate for my phone to be off and my family needs to contact me. I guess we could always turn it on and off during the day :)
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Krzystof Pretorius

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My idiot blackberry doesn't even allow to be 100% shut down and even when 'Battery has drained', it still won't shut off completely and just stays in standby mode, refusing to allow me to reconnect 'radio signal'. Also, it's constantly shutting my network off and saying battery too low for radio use even though I am well above 20% of a battery so i'm just constantly taking the battery out and draining it as much as possible which never seems to be fully drained. Bah!!
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Sherlock Holmes

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Draining the battery can damage it. You almost never want to drain the battery except for rare circumstances.
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Krzystof Pretorius

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Well thank goodness these ridiculously flawed blackberries don't let ya!
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Draining your battery completely isn't a bad thing.

It looks like you need a new battery though. Same thing happened to my legacy BB and a new battery fixed everything.
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Krzystof Pretorius

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New battery? Eeep.. With the lack of functionality my bb offers, mixed with all my other software and physical issues, i'm beginning to think I should switch back to an iPhone. Never in my 2 years of iphoning did I have a single problem with it like I do my blackberry in just 5 months, and I essentially showered with the iphone!
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Tracy McLellan

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I use my cell as an alarm as well as my primary phone; so having a cell going to bed when I do, is not an option. It needs to be able to wake me up. Just wish it would make be breakfast.
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Shannon Stephenson

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Sounds like maybe it would be nice then that you could set it to shut off plus turn back on automatically, for people who don't need it at night but use it as an alarm. I would use that, especially if it will save my hydro and battery power without me having to think about it. Because when I'm trying to get my wild toddler down, I always forget about shutting off my phone (if I know where it even is!)
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There is no way to be able to program the phone to turn it back on. When the phone is turned off, it has no way of knowing when to turn back on. It's like that with any electronic device.
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BB phones have Wake up alarm software, turn it off when you go to bed setup time you want to wake up and it'll awake you up,
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Yeah BBs can do this as they never really turn off just go into standby.

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