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I recently got a Moto E July 15th. I don't make calls often, but when I did, the receiver always had trouble hearing me as my voice would fade in and out. This happened regardless of calls being incoming or outgoing and regardless of my location. I figured it's probably just faulty wiring, no problem, I'm paying for the 7$/month warranty, just get a replacement phone.

"No problem" was wrong. It was a bit of a pain to get a replacement, but I do understand that procedures must be followed. Problem is, they sent me the 2013 1st generation Moto G as a replacement, which I cannot use the Otterbox case or the SD card I got for my 2nd generation Moto E. Comparing the specs on these phones myself, I learned that the 1st gen Moto G is by far a lesser device, and my friend who has one said "oh no, don't let them give you that, it's no good".

So I called warranty services again to inform them, and they said they'd file for an escalation and call back the next day at the latest. Well, it's a week later and they never called, so I called them back to be informed that there would be no compensation for the lost money on expensive accessories and that I was stuck with the lesser phone because Koodo deems it "comparable", which it is not.

So my question is, what can I do now, other than completely cancel my service for this mess? My father will be canceling his as well, once we can actually reach customer services (40 minute wait time right now). This is a complete rip-off and feels like being scammed. I am not getting the services paid for: a phone I can text AND call on, a warranty, a phone of equal value, and a case and SD card.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I realize hindsight is 20/20, however you could have sent the phone in as a regular warranty defect as the phone is well within the one year manufacturers' warranty period. If sent through to Motorola, there probably would have been a better chance of getting back the Moto E, but even with Motorola there's still no guarantee. Spec-wise, the phones are quite close internally, though the Moto G 1st. gen does not have a microSD slot. The graphics processor unit (GPU), SoC and CPU differ slightly as well.

Both Motorola and eSecuritel's legalese mention their terms and conditions regarding devices sent in for warranty work. If you sign off on those things for the extended warranty, well you know the rest. I hear your frustration, but I honestly don't think there's much that can be done.
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I tried to send it as a regular warranty defect and was directed to the Koodo warranty support instead, which is why I went to them. Please, do not try to fool me, I checked myself, the specs are very different.

It would have been much simpler to just send me the right phone instead of sending me the wrong one and basically giving me a "whoops, your problem we messed up and you can't even use your accessories any more, you'll just have to buy more". That's a money grab.
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I have no clue where you went to look, but some specs are actually better on the phone you have now, higher PPI and Screen resolution on your new device, it weighs less, same rear facing camera, better front facing camera, and more.

Check out the spec comparision here:

I get that you lost your Micro SD card slot, and you need to get a different case. But you know, you still got what you paid for and it's not Koodo's fault you didn't know what you were buying into. People need to start understanding what they are paying for, and unfortunately many people only find out once it's too late such as your case. 

On a final side note, we arn't trying to fool you. We frankly don't even care if you stay with Koodo or not. We are just trying to help you. So, those "Please, do not try to fool me", just keep it to yourself if you want our help. 
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I can feel your pain. What Koodo did was just plan Wrong. Kood d'eta
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It's d'état.

Just sayin'
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Makkahn, please refer to the Community Guidelines here:

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