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Trying to activate my Prepaid account is extremely frustrating!  After completing ALL of the many steps, (purchasing a Prepaid sim card at my local Koodo kiosk, registering account, security pins & security questions, sim #, account #'s, choosing base plan and add-ons, registering payment information for top-ups etc....) I finally get to click on "Activate Now" at the bottom of the LAST page. Then what happens is "Please wait while your activation is being processed".  It's been 20 mins and browser still says same thing?? Along with a warning to not close your browser or click "back button" while this is in progress! Now my phone has NO SERVICE!  How long does this usually take? I tried logging into Koodo self serve, but could NOT until my account is activated! Anyone have the same problem??  So far, I think Koodo self serve is HORRIBLE!!
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Hello Pamela,

Please do not base yourself on one experience to say that Koodo's self serve is horrible. Did you try doing the steps one more time?
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I didn't have a problem to activate prepaid account. But I had some difficulty to log into self serve when I use Chrome. So I'm using IE for prepaid.
Try clearing browsing  history and cookies, and do a same steps with different browser as Robert said.
If you did all suggestions and still have issues, then send a message to Koodo through FB. They will help you set it up.
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**Update** I tried 3 TIMES to activate my Koodo prepaid sim card! I completed all of the steps listed in my previous post entirely, to the end, with the same unfortunate results. "Please wait for activation process to complete". I waited, and waited, and waited longer, but NOTHING HAPPENS?
I resort to calling Koodo customer service to determine what the problem is??
The agent I spoke to was in El Salvador. (just saying)
She explained that their online system has problems when trying to transfer a Koodo monthly account phone number to a Koodo prepaid account. She assured me that the online self serve works more sufficiently when choosing a NEW PHONE NUMBER. I wanted to keep my same phone number! I assume most people would want to do the same. Transferring my same phone number was a very lengthy process, over the phone with Jacqueline the agent, answering every question that I had previously done several times, with the self serve process, on hold waiting until she comes back again and asks me more account questions, then on hold again. All in, 1 hour 38 mins to activate prepaid account keeping my same phone number. At last, SUCCESS!
Relieved that the registration and log-in went smoothly for me, without any glitches.
So, IMO, Koodo self serve is undeniably subpar, and my experiences with it were, in fact, horrible!
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I am having exactly the same problem but if I select in a new number, how do I port the old one? I thought I had to port when I changed the plan or I could not get that number.
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As long as you keep your old account active, you can port the number at a later time.
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i just bought a koodo prepaid card from superstore yesterday. I tried to top up my minutes for my phone. the people at chatr phone service said they could not accept my koodo prepaid card. and that I had to go and get a CHATR PREPAID CARD. I think these people are full crap, frankly speaking. is there a better way around all of this? anyone out there
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Are you Koodo prepaid customer or Chatr customer?
Koodo and Chatr are 2 different companies.

If you want Chatr service, then you have to get Chatr prepaid card.
Koodo prepaid top up is only good with Koodo prepaid
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@Steven: You knew Koodo and Chatr are 2 different companies? You might want to return the card to the seller. However, as you already scratched the code, they might not want to take it back. If so, you could post it online and sell the Koodo prepaid card, and buy Chatr to top up.

Another way is to moving to Koodo and use the prepaid card on a Koodo prepaid number.