Tired of unwanted calls from foreign country marketers and fraudsters? I am!

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Canadians are fortunate to have the Do Not Call list. Unfortunately, foreign country call centres do not respect this. A simple solution would be to allow Koodo customers to block calls from specific countries that are known for originating these calls or to allow customers to indicate what countries they will accept calls from. How about it?
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Del Belaire

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Posted 5 years ago

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Chris Petersens

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That would be a tough ask. It's not that hard to "mask" phone numbers and make it look like they are coming from Canada. I just don't pick it up if a number looks fishy. 
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Del Belaire

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Thanks for the feedback Cris. Not picking up suspicious calls is an idea but these calls are still annoying, cost us money, and there is the risk of missing important calls. I am sure I don't need any calls from countries famous for their low cost call centres.
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It doesn't cost you money if you don't pick up the call.
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I don't know what phone you have, but with my Android phone, I have a contact entry called "Spam" where I put in the numbers of all the calls that come from telemarketers (shown by Call Display). Then I enable the "All calls to voicemail" for that "Spam" contact entry.
Works like a charm; the phone does not ring and they don't leave a voicemail because they hang up on detection of voicemail. WIN!
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Some random Mobile Master, Mobile Master

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That's very clever Quasarito! I might do just that! :D
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Sumaya K.

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Hi Del,

We cannot implement this change, but quasarito suggested a great alternative if you have an Android.
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Del Belaire, unfortunately it's darn near impossible to stop these calls coming through for one very important reason Chris mentioned. They mask or spoof the number they are calling from. I've had the dreaded "Windows/Microsoft Support" calls 5 times now, and they are different numbers calling, and I've noted multiple locations that they call from (e.g. New York, California, Toronto).

Personally, I don't typically answer 1-800 numbers at all, let VM pick them up and see if they leave a message. If it's important, a message will be in my VM box.

These people do not adhere to the National DNC list, and are impossible to charge/prosecute due to the fact that they run out of other countries (Mostly India). It sucks that nothing really can be done, but I know Karma will bite them hard when the time comes.
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When I travel internationally I can use a VOIP service to call home and the caller ID is a Canadian number. I don't know how you would let my call through but be able to detect a fraudulent call.

It really bugs me that people can basically violate the law and there isn't much that will be done to them. If they're in Canada then theoretically they could be procecuted but if they are international I don't even know how easy it would be for authorities to find them never mind procecute.

I heard a trades person in Toronto who had his number spoofed by someone from overseas. People were calling him back complaining when he never called them. When he called his phone company all they could do was change his number but he had already distributed it on things like his van and business cards.
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Del Belaire

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Thanks for all the feedback. I really like the thought Karma will take care of it in the end.

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