The cute little koodo guy is a nice smokescreen for bad custumer service

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I have been a koodo customer for about a year now for my wife's cell phone.
I recently upgraded to the nexus 4 and within a month it stopped working. It doesn't charge, it doesn't turn on, nothing
I brought it back to the location of purchase and they told me they could not replace it and it would need to be sent out for warranty anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, also that most likely the phone would be wiped, all the photos and videos on it as well. Call me old fashioned, but I am of the mind that if I purchase a product and it doesn't work, I bring it back to where I bought it and they replace it. The repairing of the phone should not be my problem or my wait time. There are many phones on location that they could replace mine with. I feel that I should not have to wait 2 to 4 weeks to get a phone that I have already paid for.
On that note, I would like to cancel entirely my account with koodo and I will be going with rogers. When my phone died with rogers, I went to the rogers store and they took it from me and gave me a brand new one instantly, no telling me to wait for weeks either, now that is proper customer service. Please get back to me on the price of paying you people off. I would rather just pay whatever the price may be and be done with this service. Thank you. I will most definitely twitter this to all my friends so that they know not to trust a company that doesn't stand behind its product. Had your staff simply taken the phone and replaced it on site, I would be happy. They could have sent it off as a defective phone and receive the credit due for it. A faulty product that I pay for does not default to becoming my problem.
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So if you buy a car and it breaks down your dealer will replace it on the spot? You can return a koodo phone within 15 days of purchase for your money back. You can exchange your phone for the same model within 30 days of purchase since this counts as a DOA phone. Beyond this, yes, the phone must be sent off for repair. You can get a loaner phone free of charge while yours is being repaired, but it is not your RIGHT to have it replaced on the spot.
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Porting your number out to another provider will cancel your account Chris, since you asked how to cancel your service with Koodo. You will have to pay remaining Tab you had on the phone, as well as any overage fees you might have had during your last billing cycle. This final bill will be sent to you through regular mail. Hope this helps!
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You may want to read up on Koodo's warranty process and understand why you were present the options that you were presented with.
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Just out of curiosity, Chris, which phones/plans were you thinking of getting with Rogers? You might find them more expensive in this era of 2 year agreements...
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If that is the level of service you are looking for, then you are free to switch to a provider that will offer premium service. And I wouldn't fault you for expecting such service. What I will say is that Koodo is a discount brand for the cost-conscious consumer. If you're not price-sensitive, then you should be going to the "full-service" carriers where they cater to such needs at a different price point. You will pay more (and I'm virtually certain you will be), but you will get more services than what a discount brand will provide.

You will also find that Apple iPhones cater to people of your taste with their AppleCare warranty. The phones cost (alot) more, but if you ever have a problem, you go to their Store and they'll swap phones for you with little fuss.

It's not that Koodo has bad customer service. They just don't offer the services you are looking for. This is a horrible analogy, but I'll say it anyway: you don't go to McDonalds expecting gourmet burgers.
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Their Angus burgers have helped me get through fun nights on many occasions..... :P But of course, they don't come serve it to you at your table, lol!
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How long did you have your phone with Rogers when they replaced it with a new one and did they replace it and extend your contract accordingly. There's no way Rogers just replaced it unless you were within the return period or they extended your contract period. I've had nothing but issues with Rogers & so has everyone I know who's been with them so your not telling the full story here.
All carriers will send the phone away for repair not just Koodo so not sure why you think this is abnormal or unfair.
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Yeah I dunno koodo's return policy, but when stuff breaks and is past the return date I don't really expect the store to take it back.

I've really only had computer hardware break on me, but I've RMA'd hard drives to western digital, ram to gskill and a headset to corsair. Each time I had to pay my own shipping too, but always got a replacement back without any problems.

At least in this case, Koodo will handle the warranty/repair for you.
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Chris, if you love Rogers customer service so much, why did you leave them for Koodo?
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My Nexus S did not turn on, 7 months after purchased. Koodo gave me loaner and said 2-4 weeks wait. Koodo called me 8 days later, said phone was in. That was 3 years ago and phone still works.
And. El Tabador is a great guy. Met him at the North Pole, when painting the ELF's lunch room.
El Tabador was overseeing the the Koodo Christmas Line Up of deals to come.
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Hi Cris,

So sorry you feel that way. At Koodo, there is a 15 Day Exchange/Return and a 30 Day DOA. During this days, koodo can exchange a phone right away if it is defective. After 30 days, we have to send it away for repair. You get a loaner in the mean time until you get the phone back from repair. The reason for that is because the phone is under manufacturers warranty.

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