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A teenager plan is a plan that probably going to be cheaper plan and just for teenager girls and guys, then the normal plan because there are so many teenager out there who want to a phone but their parents don't want to buy them one because they would not be able to pay their bills. So they try to buy it by their self but they can not because they do not have enough money to pay the bill every month, espescially when they have to pay the tab too. So I think that koodo should share some saving with teenager on their plans. Koodo can make a plan like if a teenager buy a plan from koodo he will pay $10 less on his each month if he can get one another friend to get the koodo plan too. And this saving money period on each of their bill can be limited, like it can have a limit for 2 years. And if after two years they still want the $10 saving on their bill they should find one another friend to get koodo. Then you can make the teenagers save on their tabs too. You can say that they do not need to pay the tab but just need to do a contract for 2-3 years and if they decide to change the phone before that limited time thet should have to pay the tab first. Probably for a trenager it is really hard to stay with one phone for three years because they always wants to get latest phone and the always broke their phones so probably they will get the plan feom koodo thinking that they are saving money but when then can not wait their contract to finish they will have to pay all tabs, and that maeans KOodo will make money too like this, and the teenagers will be happy too.And repeating again that all of this should be working just for teenager, which means from ages of 13 till 19, it is not that long period neither. Everyone know that teenagers love to show of their self, so they will probably get good expensive plans and to get $10 off from their plan they will expand the word about your plan in entire school, to all friends. And like this koodo will always have mire costumers and will get succesful.

I feel like koodo should like my idea because it helps get more costumers, be mire succesful, and uf you ate succesful and having more costumers means you arr having more money too, so your bussi es is working really well.
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