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Modify the amount we can put on a tab up to 50% of the phone's retail price. For example the Iphone 5 costs with tax 751.10 so therefore people can put a tab maximum of 377.55 on a tab Not only is it a great deal, but it could also justify Koodo getting more high end smartphones. A 64 GB Iphone 5 costs 1015.87 so if Koodo had the 64 GB model therefore a maximum tab balance of 507.93 and the other 507.93 goes on a tab. this would also benefit those who have been with koodo for a long time.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Why would you want to make Koodo's tab worse? Virgin's Supertab is exactly like a contract. If you leave wtihin a year, you're stuck paying a high end tab amount, which may as well be a cancelation fee. Koodo's tab is to make getting a phone affordable and even if the person decides to leave, they aren't paying an arm and a leg to do so.

The only way for the tab to be improved is by increasing the limit on the positive side, not the negative side.

You also have to remember Koodo is a discount carrier as well.
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oh yeah i guess, I just thought it would be a good idea, i never considered Virgin`s Super tab before. I agree though they should increase the positive balance limit. I just thought it would be a good idea that's all and a more creative way of getting better phones. I wasn't trying to make it seem like a contract just a more flexable approach.
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If Koodo did that, they would have to implement minimum rate plan conditions for certain tab amounts and Koodo is about the freedom, they don't want to start becoming like the others
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Thank goodness for that! I'd never be part of these forums if Koodo offered the same jungle of plans and murderous contracts :D
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People would put $500 in their tabs, and then sign up for a $25 plan AND THEN complain about why it takes 17 YEARS for their tab to reach $0.... I say no. They (Koodo) already sell their phones for a lil bit cheaper than the competition, so even buying outright (or on $150 tab) you still save money (in the long run). Short term gratification of a new, half-price toy is chumps change compared to what you'll feel if you cancel your plan and they send you a bill with remaining tab and you put like $500 on it when you signed up...

100% agree with unlimited (or really high) positive tab though! Maybe a way to address this would be to put the ceiling high enough to cover the purchase of the most expensive phone in the lineup (without using negative tab). Right now that title goes to the S4, so I say if the tab absolutely has to have a ceiling, set it at $625. Whaddya think?
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I love the idea of increasing the positive but I also think moving the negative tab to $200 would gain alot of customers who are sort of stuck on viewing getting a phone cheaper as an important thing (there's a ton of them that Nomatter how much you tell them they'll be paying much more in the end they don't believe it at the all and will go to the big 3 for the instant gratification)
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I see your point Kid, and although I agree it would bring in more people through the door, I'm not too sure about long term consequences. Someone who keeps uninterrupted service would likely welcome a -$200 tab, but when someone loses his/her job, most of the time cell service is among the first things to get axed. And what does one need in times of financial insecurity? Yeah, a larger tab to buy out when cancelling. Although a difference of $50 ain't much more, it could still prove problematic for some individuals.

The problem comes from people wanting (and getting) phones they really can't afford. I'll be the first to admit flagships cost an arm and a leg, but still, if people bought their phones, there would be no need for tabs at all. And we all know what happens when we have no tabs, right? Lower-priced monthly plans! (10% off on BYOD anyone?). It's a stretch, but still paints a good picture. People owning their devices are much more likely to go to another carrier when good offers come around. Since there is no tab/contract to lock you in anymore, plan pricing would become the de-facto mean to keep customers!

Ok, I'm going back to bed now!

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