Tab Large Plans Complicates Koodo's Past Simplicity

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It may be a little too soon for this Idea but what the hell.

I understand with Koodo new tab structure that in order to utilize a $500 tab, a more expensive plan needs to be chosen by the customer. I find this fair and justifiable.

However, are separate Tab Large Plans required? And from the looks of things, the Tab Large Plans are also poorer in quality (i.e. less value, less bang for your buck).
I am especially comparing the $60 Canada Wide Date Plan to the $75 Tab Large Plan; the $75 Canada Wide Data Plan to the $95 Tab Large Plan.
It feels like second class plans and a second class product that punishes those who do not have the funds to pay for a larger portion of their phone upfront.

My idea would be to just say any plan $65 or over qualify for all of the Tab options (including large). And if you need a $95 plan I am sure there are many who would sign up for a $95 plan that included 6GB of data.

Or if Koodo believes that they cannot afford to offer those services at those prices for a Tab Large, an alternative would be to eliminate the Tab Large Plans and impose a variable/larger Tab Contribution Amount based on the Tab size and the select plan chosen.
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These new plans especially punish BYOD customers.
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Or maybe that was the plan all along... BYOD customers are the most likely to jump ship since they don't have any string attached. When they see a better plan elsewhere, they can simply port out and all is well. Now, a heaviliy indebted customer (large tab or the likes) has a much higher tendency to live through an awful plan because he/she doesn't feel like paying the remaining subsidy. So, a good guess would be that maybe Koodo wanted to do away as much as possible with BYOD customers. Customers with very large tabs get less from their plans and are likely to stay longer, this sums up to more money for Koodo. And before someone says that the Tab disappears after 2 years, remember that device prices went up to compensate for that, even more than was necessary. Seriously, an SGS3 for $625?
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Why is the Z10 a higher price now with the new tab structure than it was when it was first released? I would think with Verizon trying to make its way into this market we would see more competition and not less. Let me the customer pay the large price up front so I can own the phone. I don't want to pay an inflated price for the hardware.
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Is the average customer going to be paying the bill for those with bad credit to get a new cellphone?
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I want to pay less per month and own my phone. Thank you.
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Me to!
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I tried to explain the new Tab structure to a friend I was trying to refer to Koodo. Total Fail.

I think when it's this complicated it really scares off some customers.

I dont even think I appreciated some of the benefits to Tab M until Jonathan did some math for me.

The complication makes it seem like there is some funny math there. No one can quickly find out if it is really advantageous to go Tab S/M/L, etc.
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I'll use Tab Medium as my example.

TabM gives you $300 subsidy, but you pay back $5 every month, which adds up to $120 after 24 months. So what Koodo really gives you is actually $180 spread over 2 years. Since Koodo seems comfortable with $150-$200 "real" subsidies, I say eliminate TabL plans and simply charge TabL customers $15 each month instead of $5 for their Tab contribution. This way, they reimburse $360 out of the $500 subsidy, which leaves Koodo with a $140 "real" subsidy, not far from TabM customers. No need for TabL plans at all.
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I agree with you 100%. The new Tab S, Tab M, Tab L and the paying $5/month fee and then some tabs being 10% and then the others 15% - is extremely confusing in my part.

I'd rather have the simple normal Koodo with 1 tab and the 10%. However, if they made the tab larger; that would be best.

Maybe just have 2 tabs. 1 normal one: that is $150 max, 10% and then another one that is a bit larger such as: $300 max, 10%, but you have to get a certain plan (larger priced).
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everyone should +1 this taking the Tab large plans out and just having anyone with a $500 tab pay $15 a month would be much better and alot simpler
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THANK YOU Holy moly Ive been trying to find someone with the same view here! I work at a Multi-Carrier kiosk and it is infuriating to see how all the carriers are using identical plans with $80 plan requirements! Koodo revolutionized the Smartphone business with the tab, then the tab tiers, now its just one more step for Koodo then they own the world for plans! Right now BELL is offering a premium plan for premium phones that is only $60!!!!! (with no data and it is able to still make Bell money) so why can't there be $65 Tab L plans?? the Tab S and Tab M have worked perfectly, its just too dang expensive on Tab L.
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I have have the tab large at 65$/month. Of course with the tab charge it goes up to 75$/month, however I have unlimited Canada wide calling, unlimited texting, and 500mb/month of data allotted to me. Of course my plan is grandfathered so that's why you don't see it anymore. Plus with the tab large, you get to pay off your tab within two years. Instead of 5-6 years on a regular tab with a subsidized handset. I'd rather pay more so my tab is paid off quicker then pay less and never enjoy upgrading my phone when I want to.
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All tabs are cleared after 2 years now, Erika.

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