How do I get Tab medium?

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hi im an existing customer...but under my husbands account...i was wondering about the new tab system how do i go from my tab now to the meduim. im wanting to upgrade to an iphone 4
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Posted 5 years ago

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If your plan is $30 or more before add-ons or taxes then you can just go and get a device on the medium Tab & you will be charged $5 extra a month to go towards paying off your tab, & koodo will contribute 15% of your bill amount each month towards paying off your tab. If your tab isn't paid in full in 24 months koodo will automatically pay the rest off in full.
If you don't have a plan that costs $30 or more then you would have to choose one that is and is available now.
Thanks so much for your help...another quick question....I have 48 dollars remaining on my tab so how would that work? Do I just pay the 48 dollars?
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Yes exactly, you'll just pay $48 and put the rest on the medium Tab
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Paul can you give me the name of the Koodo Employee who gave you that information. I'm asking because I have s2x and still owe 106.00. I called Koodo and they said that I cannot move to large plan, because I owe 106.00.
I told Koodo that I would pay that off at the Kiosk and they said "no you cant do that".
I was also told that once I finished paying off the 106.00 @ 10% per month, I could then go to a Large Tab, BUT I would have to give up my 60.00/6G Plan for one of the NEW LARGE PLANS. Plus under the Large Plan I would have to pay 725.00 for the 625.00 Phone.
That's weird this is my third phone with koodo and everyone I have upgraded I just pay off my tab whatever the remaining balance was
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What Paul meant was you "pay" the $48 in store + anything left over from the difference.

It goes like this for Tab redemptions: Retail price of phone - available Tab to use on [S, M, or L] subsidy = price of your phone in store. You never "pay off" the Tab unless you're cancelling; you just continue adding to it for new devices.
Yes but what if the new phone says it's 0$ under the medium tab?
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That is only if YOUR tab is at 0 to be able to redeem the full 300 tab available at that time

@Stephen Remington, there is no way a name can be given as there would be no way to contact that agent and using that agent's name when dealing with your situation would not change a thing.
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@Crystal Celia-Lynne Hazlewood - @Stephen Remington Give a call to Koodo Customer Care. Explain your intention and you may have your balance written off ($50 max per my experience) if you are going for upgrade as one time courtesy on koodo discretion. Definitely worth a try!
Thanks I will. :)

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