Sprint CDMA phone on Koodo network

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Alright so I messed up. I bought a Sprint Epic 4G touch (galaxy s2 variation) off ebay to use with koodo, and its based off CDMA technology and so is the current phone I have now (blackberry 8530). Is it possible to get this to work on the network or should I just try and resell it.

Also I was thinking of switching to prepaid, can you use prepaid without a sim?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi James,

Whereas I'm not too sure about the first part of your question and will let others answer that, I can say with confidence (and sorrow) that you can't have a prepaid plan without a SIM :(
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CDMA phones cannot be unlocked, and therefore can only be used on the original provider's network.
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CDMA phones can only be used with their original providers and cannot be unlocked like Timo said.

Also, you cannot activate a Koodo CDMA phone with their prepaid service either.
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Some Sprint phones are dual frequencies in each cases, they do not work on the Koodo network. Same thing goes for dual frequencies for Verizon. Many members of my family bought phones without knowing if it would be compatible with their networks and ended up with useless phones...
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Hey James,

As mentioned above, a CDMA device will not work on our network as these devices cannot be unlocked and only work with the original carrier.
Also, our prepaid service is SIM based, you will not be able to use it with a CDMA phone.

I suggest to check the return policy for this item if you want to return it or contact the seller on eBay, chances are returns will be accepted.

Keep in mind that you can check if a device would work with Koodo by clicking on this link: http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2k...

Hope this helps!
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Just a question. If the CDMA phone is unlocked (which is done through the SPC service provider code, and doable); does koodo block non-koodo ESNs (meaning that the phone is working and able to work on koodo but is still not accepted).This is assuming that the phone is networked flashed with koodo software.

CDMA phones (Sprint android phones are apparenly actually relatively easy to unlock with the right knowledge).

In the US there are many ways to flash a Sprint phone onto other networks.The only reason the person above would be unable to have the phone on koodo is if you're actively blocking the phone.

I've heard that MTS in Manitoba makes it easy to port over cdma phones.
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Yes it is possible but more work.

A CDMA phone must unlocked differently than a GSM phone (people have done it). Apparently Cricket in the US will take a non Cricket CDMA phone.

A CDMA phone then must be networked flashed (installing network info) which gets the phone set up for service. Someone managed to get a Bell network flash on a Koodo phone (trying to get telus though).

If koodo is willing to activate unlocked phone then no problem. But the refusal would simply be koodo's fault (or ignorance).

You might need to search for network flashing software to Koodo (it will be difficult).There are online unlocking and flashing services.
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That was one of the questions but more of a can I switch the phone over to Koodo followed by a question regarding the Prepaid service

Yes it's probaly locked but so are most GSM/HSPA phones (CDMA phones require playing around with the programming). Some CDMA phones come unlocked too (but even more rare than an unlocked GSM/HSPA) Sometimes the SPC is just simply a bunch of zeroes (which would be easier than GSM/HSPA even if it were not for the issue of then finding the software to flash the phone).

Similar to GSM phones, the other hurdle is to deal with the frequencies (I belive that Koodo and Sprint are similar in this regard).

Technically even if Koodo blocks the non-koodo ESN, there are ways around that.

As well, an unlocked CDMA phone will probably sell higher than a Carrier locked one as it is generally more work than a locked sim phone. There are a number of American (and Canadian) carriers that will accept phones provided they are unlocked; I'm not completely sure about the software (you might have to do some work)

With all said, this is why I prefer sim phones due to the simple fact of being able to swap the sim easily.
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I have never had any experience with CDMA phones... just a question: would the call quality/network reliability and reach be better than the GSM network?
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It depends. My old flip phone was relatively good quality and signal was reliablie.

For HSPA (I know I called it gsm) the signal might be slightly weaker in some areas as it is relatively recent (Koodo has no GSM backup like Rogers or Fido but many phones will operate as GSM on those two provided unlock).There are some advantages, but not enough to consider (many phones might work better in some areas).

For the city, the difference is negligeable. The reliability might be an issue for others (though even the gulf islands have improved). Not too long ago, I would have to set my Flip phone to AMPS (system dating back to the 1980s for most areas and late 70s for Chicago as a test) and it was often full of static. Belief it or not, analog still worked until 2008 on telus (same time koodo was formed); luckily the digital signal improved.

I would most likely consider the quality of the phone; some are great while others need a strong signal.
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Awesome, thanks! Wish I could star your explanation :D
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AMPS, reminds me of my parents nokia phone the size of a $5 bill and my granparents' car phone (I seem remember getting a dial tone if I pressed send before dialling numbers).