Sony Xperia P Android 4.0.4 can't send/receive pictures

Hi there!

Been having a bit of trouble with getting my phone up and running lately.. I can now use the data network to browse online, but I for some reason cannot receive or send pictures. All I get are either a message stating, "Message not downloaded," or, "Queued for Sending" and it never sends..

I set up an APN as follows:

APN Name: KoodoSP
Proxy server:
Port: 80
MMSC: http: //
Proxy server:
Port: 80
MCC : 302
MNC : 220
APN type :

I also tried setting up an additional "Koodo MMS ALLOWED" APN with all the same fields except the APN type was "mms". This caused me to be unable to connect online though..

My question I guess is whether or not there is a block on my account from sending multimedia over the network; being as my phone is supposed to be able to send/receive and I have an APN set..

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!
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