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Iand my sister spend 6 months in koodo customers (and I'm sure there are lots more) we dont get to use our cell phones and are forced to use one of us. phones.... not happy about that... please help out SNOWBIRDS
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Posted 5 years ago

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What kind of plan are you asking for exactly?

Regardless, I advise you to use a compatible unlocked phone and use both Canadian and US carriers, respectively. No provider anywhere offers roaming plans that are good for even a few days abroad, let alone 6 months.
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Like Ivan said get your phone unlocked & then you can just put a US carrier SIM Card into your koodo phone when you go down there for 6 months and put a seasonal hold on your koodo account for the 6 months your down in Florida. The seasonal hold in $10 a month for up to 6 months. That way you'll get to use your cell phone in the US just with a US carrier which have cheaper plans anyways than us in Canada.
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Check out Roam Mobility and their Snowbird Plan. It's designed for Canadians that spent long periods of time in the USA.
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I do not understand why Koodo cannot be more accommodating for canadian snowbirds why can't they partner with a US partner in the industry and provide some competitive pricing for their plans?  Roam Mobility is a Canadian company and provides these plans but that involves getting the phone unlocked from Koodo in order to use it.    Why not just provide this service themselves??? Also the price for a seasonal hold is now up to $15 which is crazy definitely not senior friendly.  Very unhappy about this aspect of Koodo.  

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Price is not age discriminating. It is only provincial "discrimination" :P
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Why was the seasonal hold increased to $15 month? Why should one have to pay this kind of fee if not using the service...I can understand $10 but to increase this fee is totally unfair considering no service is being provided!!! Very unhappy about this reasoning!!
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To be fair, clevercook, they upped the price because while you're on Seasonal Hold, your Tab is still paid for. The reason? It's now capped at 24 months because of the new CRTC rules. So in order for your Tab to be cleared in 24 months (or less), they need to recoup more money from your plan.

If Tabs could stretch longer than 24 months, then they would have more "play" to lower the Seasonal Hold pricing. But as it is right now, they won't, because of that.

Now, as with all other carriers, they're in it for the money, so they probably would have upped the price anyway, CRTC or not. But at least, they have a justifiable reason.
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I just contacted CRTC and they say that they is no such rule. These rules have been made up by the phone companies only.
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Hey HEY LARRY!, What rule is that exactly Larry?
His me Jocelyn Albert Bernie
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This doesn't make sense, especially now with the new Tab.  Using this logic, subscribers with a 0 or positive Tab should receive a discount on the seasonal hold...but how much, since the new Tab charge varies with the phone model?

Frankly, if you're spending half the year out of the country, it would seem more cost effective to buy a phone outright, and sign up for a new plan every six months - why pay every month just to receive no service?
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Buy your own equipment, go prepaid in the US (e.g. Tracfone) with a local US number so your friends next door will not have to call long distance to a Canadian number. You buy minutes/texts/data and service days with cards available at any Dollar store, or with a US credit card if you have one.

Go prepaid in Canada with Koodo. While you are away, top up your baseplan every 75 days or so to preserve your boosters and phone number. 150 days in "neutral" will thus cost you $30 on the cheapest baseplan.

Icing on the cake: get a VoIP plan with local Canadian and US number(s) that will forward your calls to whichever cell is active (about $7 a month from CallCentric). These are the numbers you give out to contacts, so no worrying about roaming or long distance ever for either party.

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