shopping for a new phone..

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i love/hate my Samsung Galaxy Ace... i hate that i can't use any addons because it is stuffed full of preprogrammed crap i never use, and the updates have squeezed out all my fun stuff..
i want a new phone.. are Apple phones really the best?
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Best is subjective. Go with what you will enjoy.
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The best phone is the phone that does everything you want to do and doesn't get in your way.

The galaxy Ace is an entry level device, it gets you going, gets you introduced, then like a great first date. Leaves you wanting more.

It sounds like the relationship with your ace has hit that area where you must decide. It's me or the cat woman! Oops sorry, flashbacks.

It's certainly time for an upgrade, check out the lineup. The nexus 4 is at a great price and there ate lots of tab options to get you into another lasting and meaningful relationship until the next hottie rolls around.
love the analogy...
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Great tip Chad :P I just turned around and told the g/f it was time for an upgrade.... Well, frozen TV dinners and the couch ain't so bad :D lol
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If you have already purchased apps for your Ace, then you may want to consider purchasing another Android phone so that you can continue to use the apps you have paid for.

If you have no paid-apps (or do not care to lose them), then you can consider staying with Android or move to Apple.

- If you want a phone with little fuss and a controlled experience, then opt for an Apple. Certain things that you are familiar with Android will not be available or behave differently with Apple, so there will be a learning curve. An Apple will set you back financially, unless that is not an issue.

- If you want a phone that is flexible and allows for customization choice, then stay with Android. It will be familiar to you coming from the Ace. Depending on your budget, there is a vast array of phones to choose from. I would recommend the Nexus 4 if you don't want a phone that comes pre-loaded with apps from the manufacturer.
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What are your requirements?
Or do you just want the best high-end phone? If so, then the top of the line right now is the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy S4
thanks folks..
i will check out the nexus..
i am willing to go to $400 for a new phone if i can get what i want and not a pile of what i don't want.. i have to be able to access important info... and that is no longer an option with this one..
i got my first android last year so learning the curve isn't scary to me.. i survived that... lol..
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Make sure you get a case for the Nexus 4. It's been know to shatter more easily than others after a short drop onto the floor
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Currently I have a few Androids, Windows Lumia 520, Blackberry Q10 and iPhone 4. There is a lot of good to say about them all... but personally I keep coming back to Android, because for one I love the flexibility, I am rather invested in Gmail and other Google services, plus I spend quite a bit of money on Apps.

All that said, I have one low end Android phone and it is utter GARBAGE, I feel like throwing it against the wall every time I pick it up! I used it a few weeks ago when I was oversees and I hate, hate HATE it. So I understand your relationship with your Ace :D

As others said, get the Nexus. Even though I only have the Galaxy Nexus I absolutely loved that phone, can't wait till the 5 is out!
thanks.... i purchase armor immediately!!! a screen cover is a must too... i have a little blob of clear nail polish on the Ace screen.... oops
after running thru the nexus and apples i have come to the conclusion i would be happy with a galaxy mega...
i am not a talker so the size really is a non issue.. and if i am going to yak for a time with a friend i use a headset anyhow.. i don't like the phone close to my limited brain cells.. ..
being i also have poor eyesight a larger screen would be ideal..

the problem for me with the other phones is that they have built in batteries.. occasionally i have to travel by bus for several hours and want a device that i can carry extra batteries for so i don't run out of tunes..

thanks again for your help...
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How do you like the Mega, Karla? I got it too now and I absolutely love it! Battery seems to last all day (and I can't put it down), it's got almost all the bells and whistles of the S4 which I really like as well.
My eyes are rather poor too, and it is so easy to read the screen now!
Curious as to your experiences :)
hi sophia.. i haven't purchased a mega yet.. i did check them out at london drugs tho.. the size is okay by me.. i have rather large hands anyhow.. i can see a woman with small hands maybe not liking it.. that screen size is awesome... looks reasonable in terms of visual quality.. if it isn't HD quality is of little concern to me.. i don't play super digital games and my photos are worked my desk top computer..
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I am not a super gamer either, I just use it for browsing, hangouts, freecell/wordfeud/sudoku type games, navigating, and reading when it is too dark for my Kindle. I just found out there is a microSD slot! It's hidden on top of the SIM slot, now I love it even more. Oh AND it's got an infrared remote control built in just like the GS4! No more fighting with hubby over who gets to hold the remote of our home entertainment system :D

My husband has the Nexus 7, and I noticed something really cool. The N7 is a real tablet, no question about it... to me the Mega is closer to a phone in size. Yet... the screens are almost equal... because the bezel is so small on the Mega. It's HUGE on the N7, all wasted space.

I have large hands too and I find it really easy to hold, no strain at all. Don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a "normal" sized screen again such as the GS4, let alone the iPhone :D Just ordered a case from eBay because I don't think the screen is scratch proof. Of all the phones I have (which is nine currently, blush) and one 10" tablet I like the Mega best.

Let us know when/if you get the Mega too!
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You beat me to it Karla, lol.

The only gripe(s) I have with the LG Nexus 4 are the omission of the memory card slot and the non-removable battery, the same goes for Apple devices. A removable battery is a plus because you can purchase a spare and always have power whenever you need it.

Since your Galaxy Ace likely shipped with a 4 GB microSD card, getting another Android device, (other than an LG Nexus 4 or Apple device), will simply be a matter of popping in your storage card and continuing where you left off with the Ace, only now things will be much faster.
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however you will have to re-download apps and games because your sd card can only contain pictures and music, etc (not apps)
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That depends. If you downloaded an app called App2SD, then you can put as many apps as you like on an SD card. If not, it's simply a matter of signing in to Google Play and heading over to My Apps and syncing your device.
like batteries, i have extra mem cards too.. my camera uses the same...
since all the upgrades to the things on the Ace i have no room left for apps!! lol not a worry.. thanks for the comments..
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If you have a phone with a built in battery, you can buy something like a Powerocks Magicstick or Cube that allows you to recharge your battery on the go.
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I've purchased several cheap power packs on eBay (2,200 mAh) at ~$6 each, and they do the trick when travelling. Cheaper than replacement batteries.
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Also check out Monoprice's offerings... More expensive than eBay for sure, but I just LOVE their batteries! I currently use their 8,000 mAh one, 1x1A + 1x2.1A, and it rocks! About $35 shipped! :)

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