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I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S4. I rarely use my phone, but, since I switched to this phone I'm paying $45/mo for it. Do you have a $15/mo. plan (plus $5 for texting) like I previously had with my Blackberry phone? Thanks for your help.
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Posted 3 years ago

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For occasional use, you should investigate prepaid.

You can keep the same number and your monthly charge can drop to $15 with the cheapest base plan, which includes free texting. Save 10% by providing a credit card for automatic payment.

Then buy whatever data and minutes you need. 500 minutes and 1 gig of data last me a long time indeed.

The only drawback to prepaid are no roaming (phone will have no service outside Canada) and some advanced features such as call forwarding do not work.
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Hey Cheryl.
Plans are different in some provinces,
But most of us have access to the 29 dollar promo plan right now.
Which includes 300 minutes, unlimited text, no data. Evenings and weekends free.
This could be a good fit for you.
Try that out!
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Just to add to the advice above, you will have to pay off the balance of the money you owe for the S4 before switching from your current plan (and monthly tab) to prepaid. The amount initially on your tab was $360.  That has decreased by each monthly tab payment you've made. You say you "just bought" your phone so I suspect your tab is still close to $360.

If you are paying a total of $45 per month, $30 per month is your plan (the other $15 is your payment towards the phone purchase).  In deciding your best course of action, you should compare the cost and advantages of your $30 plan to the $15 text-only plan with boosters for talk time and data.

Both plans include unlimited text, voicemail, call waiting, call display and call conferencing. Your current plan costs double the cost of the text only plan.  For the extra $15 per month  you get
200 Canada wide minutes plus unlimited Canada-wide minutes on evenings and weekends.  You also get 100 mb per month of data.

How much would this cost if you went to pre-paid?  500 minutes talk time can be bought for $25.  So each minute is 5 cents. 200 minutes would cost $10. Buying 1 g of data is $30.  So 100 mb of data costs approximately $3 on the prepaid plan.

The cost of your current plan's offering would, on prepaid, cost $15 (basic, incl unlimited texting) + $10 (200 minutes) + $3 (100mb of data) = a total of $28 per month.

The big advantage of the prepaid is the ability to carry over minutes and data from month to month. So if you use less than 200 minutes and 100 mb a month, your average monthly costs would be somewhat lower than the $28 per month quoted above.  Your 500 minutes in the $25 booster might last longer than 2 1/2 months, for example, if you rarely use your phone (though why you would buy a smartphone for $360 if you rarely use the phone is beyond me . The disadvantage is that you'd have to track how many minutes and mbs of data you have remaining and top it up manually (the cheapest way of managing a prepaid account)

Your current plan's cost of $30 per month includes free evenings and weekends.  If you make/receive calls mainly on evenings and weekends as well as occasionally during weekdays, the plan you currently have may be better for you. Also, should your phone usage change, you have the option of switching to a more suitable plan at no charge.  Similarly, you can take advantage of any promos/discounts offered (such as double the minutes and data promos).  In the meantime, your plan is grandfathered.  There is no guarantee that Koodo's pre-paid prices will remain the same.  That's always a consideration, when moving from a monthly plan to prepaid.

So, if your phone usage is less than 200 minutes a month total and you rarely, if ever, use data, you may be able to save $5 - 6 a month on average.  But you will first have to make a substantial  outlay of cash:  pay off the balance of the $360 you owe for the phone and purchase boosters for minutes and data ($25 for 500 minutes and $30 for 1 g of data if you want to have the option of using data from time to time).

I hope you find this comparison helpful.  My suggestion is to continue with your plan until Christmas and monitor your phone usage to determine which type of plan will work best for you. Who knows, there may be some Christmas promo better than either what you have now and what you could get on prepaid!  Best of luck.


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